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[Issue] Steam Interface

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Hello. Is this going to be fixed or is there any workaround? It's a bit annoying when people write on Steam and I have to tab down since I have a 1920x1080 screen and all windows get a focus glitch so I have to press Windows Flag+D like 2 times to get focus again. Plus all windows moves to the first screen (I have two). The game recommends to change resolution so that's why I'm using it as setting.




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I mean, it's not just Steam's fault. The less recent games were all written to "take over" an entire screen and did not play well, in various ways, if the user found a way to switch to other applications while they were running. Those games were all written before SW was on Steam so I don't blame them for not rewriting the graphics engine on all those old games... but it seems unfair to blame Steam specifically.

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As a programmer, I'm guessing that Steam just injects the interface system into the game so I dunno what problem it would cause. (Some games are having issues of course, but when I'm looking at Properties in the Library it says that the Interface is activated on G4)


Edit: I think the interface is disabled. Even tho the game would use the same key combination as Steam Interface does it should still pop up. It saddens me that it's not working but I guess I'll have to keep tabbing.

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