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clearing old games


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in G1,2 & 3, to clear out old saved games one merely had to delete the saved files from the game data file. however, when i try to do this for G4, i somehow ended up losing the programs .msi file. luckily i caught that before i emptied my trash!

so, how do i remove old saved files without trashing my entire game??!?

oh, might be helpful to mention using windows xp

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I just tried Dikiyoba's method and it seems to work fine. However, you should probably copy back Geneforge4Settings.dat file in the "Geneforge4 Saved Games" after the game regenerates this folder. I would also recommend renaming the old Saved Games folder rather than deleting it, so you'd have an option to go back to an older game.

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many thankies, everyone. i had not noticed the game placed a folder in my documents. deleting all the sub folders EXCEPT the G4 settings file did the trick.


while the suggestion to save the old game in a different file would work, as a rule when i am done with the game, i don't revisit it. what can i say - i dislike having old games clogging up my hard drive....

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