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*Gulp* 3... 3.5 Disquettes?


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I have a problem wiht registering blades, when I have the dough of course . It'll be mailed on 3 3.5 disks. By this, I assume it means what are commonly referred to as floppies or disquettes. My computer does not have such a device. I can't use them is they're disquettes! Can it be sent on CD or by E-Mail? Has anybody else had such a problem?

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Diskettes? - strange - when I bought BoE back in 1999(?) I think there was no option of diskettes even then - the CD came all the way from the States by post without any extra charges - and I was pleasurably surprised to find that it included both the PC & Mac registered versions! [at the time I had been forced to buy a new licence for a @*#%$! mad program when I switched from Mac to PC]


I believe BoE sports the best usage-per-money percentage of any software I ever bought...

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