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Just curious; are people still interested in new BOE style graphics?


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Because making BOE graphics is a grea deal easier then making avernum graphics. for a while, I've been making some; primarilly by throwing around peices of other peoples works, but soem stuff by my own hand. I wanted to know if anyone really wanted/needed any new graphics in the BOE format of a fair quality for anything.


here are some samples of what I've done (mostlly incomplete right now); the first is a new style Dervish that i use, as well as "Dervish Captain" that can be used (they fit into a dream scenario that woudl be incredible if made, but I have no skills at making a scenario, and so could only help soemone else make it) the others are a few trolls i threw together using the one by Luz Piazuelo as a base.



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about the trolls; in my mind, trolls are essentially just *really big* goblins, which why I jumped when I saw the troll L.P had made at, I belive the knights of ni site, and went about using it as a base; my early trys to keep it in the size of the standard graphic didnt really work; as it was, the origional troll by L.P was hunched over, and I think it limited the potential of the awesomeness of it; the only alternative, obviouslly, was to make the Trolls larger, and make them a 2x2 monster, which is what I decided was best; I figured since Trolls would probably be a large, boss type monster, that 2x2 would be fittign for it anyway.


anyway, I've worked on a few others; a style of Dervish worked to be a PC graphic. (or at least, I replaced PC artwork with it)Like the proper Dervshes posted above, is influenced by the Romans and the same with the other, which is inspired by the Mongols, and used the old Goblin warrior as a base.


The worked up some quick Goblins, as I;ve never really be satified with the ones in the game


as soon as I get a fair "collection" made, I might see about making a website; never done it before mind you, but you never know.



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any particuler format they need to be in? I'm a windows user myself, but got addicted to the games on my Moms mac, back in the day; one thing I noticed on the mac is that editing the files is rather counter intuitive; I could never access them, of course, I'm no skill at a computer, so many itwas a simple process- on windows, its great, great, GREAT deal easyier to get to all the graphics, and replace them at ones leisure for any of the exile games.


all this means, is that is thier needs to be soem sort of particuler format for the pictures, I should know now winksmile

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Xen- I've been working on making your graphics more game friendly. (ie the right size/format) Would you mind making an attacking graphic for the gurad troll? And maybe an attacking stance for the soldier with the blue shield, left facing. At the moment I just have the exsisting attacking stance fliped but it looks a little funny with only one blue shield in all the stances.


When I'm all done I'll post them for you.

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