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Tough NPC Tournament round two


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Ok let me clarify something.

We are voting characters here. That means that if you vote for san-racku, you are voting for a character as powerful as one portrayed in a dream. After all, none of these guys are "real" they are all figments of the designers imaginations. Forget that san-racku is a dream character. After all, if he kills you, you die in real life.

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Originally written by The1Kobra:
Somehow, I don't think "The master" is his actual name.
His real name is inferred in QoS IF you pay close attention to his memories. I was going to include this as a bonus question in QoS, but decided it was too obscure. As no one has ever even asked until now, I think I was right.
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...odds on Soverign being eventual winner are 1:5, San-Racku 7:1, The Master 190:1, and Rentar-Ihrno 1000:1...place your bets folks, place your bets...


Anyway, I voted for Soverign and San-Racku. Because, not owning a copy of BoE, I have to vote on knowledge gleaned from reviews and mentions by other people. I voted Soverign because *anybody* can beat Rentar-Ihrno, and I voted San-Racku because he/she/it has a cooler-sounding name.


I still think Soverign will win.


...place your bets folks, place your bets...

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