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  1. Ehhh, I used a different party for An apology and Lamentations. Remember, the guys you play in An Apology are supposed to be Nordakar conscripts, not elite 8th order guys from Xancrest. Plus the weirdness that Apology does to your stats....... Although I'll admit, I once re-used the party from Redemption, although that was mostly to play with the Amulet of Doran.
  2. I really think that the amulet of Doran is just a "Look, I found it" sort of item. It's really quite powerful. If you're making a god party, it's nice, although an item you get in Tomorrow is even better........
  3. Ok, you need the books to get the amulet. The troll will give you a vital clue and a key you'll need. Now, I don't remember which book is where, but the four books in general have the locations of. 1 is in the dark library, where you have the friendly efreet and the hostile raksashas. (If you ask him about the titles, he'll give you a hint) 1 is in the castle that Soljaire has, again in his library. That ghost will be helpful in locating it. 1 is in that odd mage lab, the one where you have to sanctify the pool to get in. The last one is in the troglo cave, where
  4. This one had me stumped for the wrong reasons. I put in "SocratesJesus", but he wants it the other way around.
  5. For me, it was when Al released the passwords to the scens, and I could take a peek in all the dark recesses myself.
  6. One thing to keep in mind, when you get new gem types; if hypothetically you put a Crimson ruby on the left rune, and an azure sapphire on the right rune, it will take you to a different place than if the same gems were reversed.
  7. While bows were a very common weapon in medieval/renaissance times, at least in the scope of most fantasy literature, their impact is often overstated. If you look at say, the battle of Towton (War of the roses) both sides had enormous numbers of longbowmen shooting at each other, perhaps 20,000 on each side, and they still managed to deal insufficient damage to break each other. It was a cavalry charge at the end that really broke the Lancastrian side's back.
  8. Especially for refusing orders. Depending on what you do (I haven't tracked down each and every trigger) depends on who rescues you if you allow yourself to be captured at the end and if you're allowed to participate at the final battle with the sliths.
  9. Note: Here there be spoilers. Also note that I don't have the game in front of me, so they might be inaccurate spoilers. That being said, you get started on the Denmark quest by asking for I think it's rumors, from the bandit hiding behind the Talosian Embassy, the one who sells skeleton keys. You need to have your rep reasonably high before he mentions it (or maybe it's a function of time, the two go together). Anyway, he'll tell you (after you pay him) to talk to Gemini, who in turn will tell you to talk to a man named Morrison, (who hangs around Danbar, IIRC), who t
  10. Be aware of spoilers in the following post, although, tbh, if any of this is new to you, you should play more Falling Stars anyway Oh, it's pretty rare that the NPCs are of negative utility, in fact the only case that occurs to me off-hand is during the Lazarus fight, after you've taken out the Seraph, and that's only the spellcasters, who will mindlessly throw firestorms at the undead giant. Maybe the ambush at the UNL fort as well, but there you often can't spare the round to exit combat to tuck them away (although an antimagic cloud usually works.) Rather, what
  11. Thanks for the replies! Especially knowing that you can trigger the ambush simply by waiting eases things up. (Although, I wonder, if you have to enter, leave, and re-enter, maybe you have to enter, and then go to the inn to find Regild? Dunno.) I did manage to find him in my latest playthrough, although I'm not quite sure what I did. And as for the Ambush, I had already gone there this game. I'm not sure why you don't like her though, IMO, she's probably the best companion, precisely because the AI is so shoddy. The Melee guys always get lost, and the mages always blow up my party thr
  12. Personally, I think the single biggest problem with, all the exile's combat really, is the primacy of Bless/Curse and Haste/Slow. With a few exceptions, and those generally in scenarios that forced you into a non-standard party or fights, (Roots, for an amazing example), pretty much all my fights would be the same thing. Throw hastes, then blesses, then clash in melee. Slow and curse the enemy, if necessary, and if things get bad, toss an antimagic cloud (assuming you can). Heal as necessary. I'd like for an opportunity to use all those spells that fill up the list and never seem to
  13. Firstly, I'd like to say that I"m playing with the original Blades of Exile version, and Redemption v 2.0. Yes, I'm a fossil, but I keep coming back to graze some scenarios every once in a while. Now, I seem to recall fighting a Seraph at the ruins of fort contemplation. You needed to get Regild to ask you to go get his pendant back, go hunting, not find it, and then get ambushed. I peeked in the scenario editor, and it says that Regild is supposed to be in an inn in Western Xancrest, all the time, but he's connected to "stuff done flags 12 and 8". I've never been good at dealing with
  14. Favorite Computer RPGs Planescape: Torment Ultima 7 Neverwinter nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer Knights of the Old Republic Ultima Underworld Favorite BoE Scens Falling Stars Nebulous Times Hence An Apology Adventurers club 2 Of Good and Evil
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