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Blades won't open

Princess Ruth

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I decided to start playing BoE again, but when I try to open it I get an application error message saying "BLADES caused an illegal instruction fault in BLADES.EXE at 0x00000024. Click CLOSE to terminate etc..."


I tried to uninstall it to see if reinstalling would work, but when I click the uninstall button I get "UNIN16 caused an illegal instruction fault in IUN1401 at 0x00000024 etc..."


If anyone can help I'd be grateful if you do it in language intended for 5 year olds as I'm crap with any technology stuff!!!

Thanks a lot.


BTW am using Windows XP

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It sounds like you're right. It's the machine, not the Game.

Assuming you have a good AV program and Spyware, etc. running to inspect incoming files:

Is this the only program this happens to?

Did you turn off the machine, then restart?

When you removed the program, did you run the "Disk Defragment" program before you reloaded BoE?

Because, when you run "Defrag", you can select how to "stack" the Files. Doing so, everything gets overwritten. So, the entire HD is written over.

If you don't defrag, the machine may simply write files over the contaminated sector of the Drive and never truly remove the bug.



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I've always had problems with it. A while ago someone gave me a patch to download which fixed it, but it hasn't been working for a couple of weeks now. Restarting doesn't work, I've tried changing the compatibility to Win95, 98 and 2000, and nothing works...

What's this de-frag thing? I'm really not good with PCs!

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but it hasn't been working for a couple of weeks now
Try to remember what you did before this happened. Did you install or uninstall a program or application? Ahbleza already asked, if you got a virus warning or deleted spyware. Check everything else. Is anything else causing problems too?

XP has a repair function. Files can get corrupt, can be overwritten or can get lost. First check for viruses, but if there aren't any, it might be a good idea to let Windows repair itself.
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*Read first, before you start doing any of this.

You haven't said you have/have not an Anti-Virus Program and/or Spyware/Adaware Type Program running on your machine. Most machines do, either individually, or via your I.S.P. This should have alerted you of a potential problem.

Next, if you did pick up a bug, (Let's say via a contaminated BoE Scenario.), then it may have only affected BoE.

If you have a VALID BoE Program on Disk - no "junk", then.....

Delete everything you have that is associated with BoE. (If it's all in a Main Folder then simply delete that Folder.)

(What you've done is to only erase the "marker" for all the Files. They're actually still on your Hard Drive.)

Next, depending on which System you're running, find "System Tools" and one of the Programs should be named, "Disk Defragmenter". Or, something similar.

What this does is what a File Clerk would do if told to clean up the File Cabinet. They would take all the Files out of the Cabinet. Then clean out the Cabinet of all "junk". Then put all the Files back neat and orderly in a manner you told them to.

The Degragmenter Program sorts out all the Files, writing over everything and compacting the Files so the System will run smoother.

The thing you want the Machine to do is to write over any "junk" that may have been on the Hard Drive Disk.

This won't remove, or foul up anything. It will simply "sort things out" cleanly.

Most people run their Disk Cleaning Programs a minimum of once per month, and I'd recommend weekly if you spend any time at all, on the 'Net. This includes Disk Cleanup, and any others you want to. It may take a couple of hours, so do it at a time you're not using the Machine, like at night while you're watching TV. By the time you go to bed the Machine will have gone through a "House Cleaning".

Last comment. You can't hurt the machine by running these Programs too much. They only make it clean and effective. It's a preventative maintenance thing.


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Not knowing where the bug came in, nor what it has affected, you should remove everything to clean it out.

I've done the same as you're asking, saved some of the files, but eventually had to remove everything, then start all over.

Give it a try, to only remove the BoE files, keeping your *.sav files and the Scenarios. The worse that can happen is the contamination is on them, so you'll have to do the whole thing anyhow. It's probably worth the try.

I'm more concerned that you have a bug that's deeper in your system and you'll eventually have to reformat the Hard Drive. I'd think that if you caught something from a Scenario, other Players would have let us all know. And as "new" as I am to BoE, I haven't heard anyone say anything about catching something here.

You'll know if the problem keeps coming back. Myself, I've reformatted twice on this machine, but I don't surf like most people do.

Give it a whirl. It is a frustrating experience, but, like finding secrets in a Scenario, more than worth the effort in the long run.

I have a son who programs for a living and he reformats as a matter of normal maintenance.


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