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Buying Crystal Souls direct from Spiderweb


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Yay, Avernum II is out!


In my ongoing effort to support Mom and Pop businesses, I'm buying direct from the Spiderweb site. I do understand the convenience of Steam but for an extra $3, you can buy the game direct from Jeff and DRM Free.


Someone correct me if I'm mistaken but it's my understanding that buying direct gives Jeff a much better profit (read: financial incentive to continue developing) than a steam purchase.


It's an option. YMMV.


Happy playing!

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Thanks for your kind consideration. The amount we earn is the highest (by a wide margin) for orders from the tiny forms at the top of our game pages. So if it's all equal, we definitely prefer you use those.


Also, for Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, if you use the little widget at the top of that page, it comes with a free Steam key. It's a pretty sweet setup, though our older games don't have that.


- Jeff Vogel

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I've wanted to buy it directly from Spiderweb store without asking dad. Unfortunately, they have no google wallet thing or something I can get my hands on. Unlike Steam, which they have those cards, I can pay my classmates to buy at a mall...


Two more good years, dear Jeff, and I promise I'll get them from your store too :p

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