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  1. "... I don't want a game where you are an adventurer. I want a game where you train adventurers, and then send them out to do stuff." That's the premise of Majesty except that games possible even more 'hands off'. It's an RTS: you build the stereotypical rpg town and post the bounties/rewards. Probably not what you're looking for as there's no character building input from the player but it's one of the all time classic games so I thought I'd mention in case you weren't aware of it. Can find the HD edition on GoG https://www.gog.com/game/majesty_gold_hd and it's often on sale on st
  2. Thanks for the reply. As an aside: I tried the font size option and it didn't seem to change anything. Is that just for uhd 'retina' resolutions?
  3. Hi Avadon 3 is always running at my monitors native resolution no matter what I pick in the launcher. I checked some of your previous titles (e.g. avadon 1,2) and they behave correctly. This is with the steam version and windows 10.
  4. I had no idea steam censored anything. Games are rated and if a game is gratuitously offensive they could just make the decision on an ad-hoc basis.
  5. Inspired by Crusader Kings 2 I've been reading books on medieval history; either by recommendation or what I discover in 2nd-hand bookshops. Just finished Byzantium & the Crusades by Jonathan Harris, before that Early Medieval Europe By Roger Collins. Also rediscovered those Penguin historical atlases. For novels I picked up Robin Hobb's newest. I was disappointed by her last few but this seems a return to form.
  6. Thanks. The last time I ordered from Spiderweb itself was blades of exile in the 90s. Anyway - apologies - now I reread this isn't aimed at someone like me who isn't purchasing via spiderweb's own store. I'm not an "individual buyer".
  7. I'm not sure what this means. Does it mean my geographical/mail address? I'm probably being dense. I became reacquainted with Spiderweb rpgs when they were first released on steam and then the original Avernum trilogy via the humblebundle. Since then (post Avadon) I've bought them on day of release.
  8. http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubb...itch#Post269461 It's a "known problem" but not stickied
  9. Might and Magic and SSI DnD 'Gold Box' games had that: hirelings to make-up or supplement your party.
  10. Voted for - Create a Single Character (With party members or others who join along the way). Proviso that there is a respectable number of prospective party members as per classic Ultima and Magic Candle.
  11. Dire Hobbit

    The Hobbit

    If I remember right the two missing wizards didn't die, they just went off the map to other lands? And hope I don't get banned we are quoting Tolkien after all!
  12. Dire Hobbit

    The Hobbit

    Faggots were bundles of sticks for starting a fire. I guess they could "reek" because they'd be resinous new wood? From there the eytmology is that in elite private schools it was the job (called "fagging") of a junior boy to do this kind of thing for a senior. In the 19th C boarding schools were supposed to foster "manly virtues" which led to worries about homosexuality. Hence fag as an insult. Why did it start being used that way in America but not England (which was the original root of the word)? Probably because America today has a more homosexual culture (big emphas
  13. Dire Hobbit

    The Hobbit

    Originally Posted By: Actaeon Has anyone heard anything new about the Wheel of Time movie they're supposed to be working on? That seems like a nearly impossible task, given that the significantly shorter "Song of Ice and Fire" required a mini-series I could see the wheel of time as a trilogy of movies: At least with Jordan we know there's a story he had to tell. It would need the right scriptwriter to handle the abridgement of course. With Martin I'm not so sure. His background is in TV writing and I have a strong suspicion that he doesn't know where his fantasy epic is going. Most
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