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Avernum 2 Let's Play!

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Just as a note so you don't get TOO frustrated with me (since you've been mentioning it regularly)...



I've completed the Toadstool and Hydra quests, but not for a few more episodes. By the time you mentioned where the toadstools were, I had already recorded that episode. Give it a couple more days and you'll see.



And now the episode... with a fortress of Vahnatai who want to kill us. This is going to be fun...




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Jeff may have intended that the Vahnatai Fortress be done soon after meeting the Council in Olgai. It seemed fairly easy.

You always complain about being hit with Slow, Mass Haste cures the Slow in one hit, usually. Once the Slow has been taken care of, Mass Haste hastes every PC, just the thing for a tough fight. You are heading for some tough fights...

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Locate Borgia Toadstools quest is now easy for you to do:

Talk to Clodeca in the SE part of the town of Egli, he will tell you where the Toadstools are, in the NE part of town. He won't help you with the magical barrier that stops you getting them.


If Killing Hydras for Mancuso gets tough, you can always post a copy of your save game and I can check if there is a bug somewhere.

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You may find a distinct shortage of places to rest in Ornotha Ziggurat and vicinity...


Did you get Unlock Doors L3 from Erika's Tower? You needed the Blessed Athame to do this.

I did not. I will pick it up in my next recording session, if I can.


And prepare yourselves, the Siege of Ornotha Ziggurat begins here!




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When my party started the Ziggurat we had:

15 Energy Potions, 7 Energy Elixirs

Spell energy:





Party was able to explore all areas and defeat all foes.

Only one enemy was left standing in the Battle Plains, a Wizard. Party could thus come and go at will. Battle Plains is the field just before the Ziggurat, where you have Garzahd.

You may need to make more creative use of spells.

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Angierach is not so bad, you should be able to find a way to open the front door leading to the outside.

If party is badly beaten up, once you get outside a Recall Crystal can get you back to safety.


For trainable skills, I use Mind Crystals when the PC has trained to a 5 in the skill concerned, hence can't train any further. For other Crystals, I use them on the spot.

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I went through the Ornotha Ziggurat again and found that it was not that hard. I used spells like Bolt of Fire, Slow, Haste and Bind Foe. Occasionally used Control Foes or Cloud of Blades. Divine Fire was good for dealing with enemy Mages.

Usually I would open the door to a room and look inside. If enemy seemed tough I would cast Beast Ceremony before entering combat.

Party had all the Energy Potions and Energy Elixirs it needed, we picked up two of the latter on the way.

My two front rank guys had low encumbrance 16% and 8% respectively, Defense scores were 9 and 8.


Secret passage that can't be accessed by boat or flight, East of Pyrog's Cave. This may be an error in translation from Exile 2 to Avernum 2. It has a body with a Steel Large Shield. I was only able to access the area with a temporary alteration to Outdoor.dat.


East part of lower level of the Empire Archives, a gate that closes whenever you get near it. You need to enter combat mode, split the party up, then end combat when three of your PCs are in the previously inaccessible west room. There is a level 3 spell there.

Note when the door opens and closes.

Edited by Ishad Nha
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For tips on dealing with Doomguards, see my post #113 and the next two posts.

Further comments on evading them:

Apply Sanctuary when the two Doomguards appear. Every move check whether it has worn off. Cast it when leaving one of the side rooms.

Doomguards won't attack the party if all four PCs are in one of the side rooms, then party has a chance to heal up.

Even if you don't know the correct solution to the lever puzzle at first, you should still emerge successful.

Doomguards won't be there when you return to the guardpost!


Third Guardpost is a matter of trial and error, eventually you will figure out a way through. (Not all squares between pillars have special encounters on them.) After this you can return to Harston to rest, before going on to the final barricade and the Fortress itself.




Fourth barricade, wipe out Rakshasas first, this stops the supply of new demons. Cast Divine Warrior on both of your fighters. Control Foes will cause the Charmed soldiers and the demons to target each other, making this a fun fight. I cast Control Foes twice.

When you reach the Fortress you can cast Sanctuary (or you can attack archers with spells and missiles) and then scout around.



Edited by Ishad Nha
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Third reward, level 3 Shielding spell. Occurring in the Tower of Magi you could guess as much.

If you want to get the spell, special item 27 is the Black Drake Fang. In the Character Editor find the Add Special Item function in the Advanced Features menu. First number is 27, second number will be 1.


Here is the list of where you find the spells at level 3:


Bolt of Fire, Aranea Web

Light, Upper Lizard Lair

Call Beast, Crone Cavern, needs Vahnatai Lore

Bind Foe, Patrick's Tower SW, Julz, Borgia Toadstools quest.

Haste, Patrick's Tower SW, Julz, Borgia Toadstools quest.

Slow, Patrick's Tower, RR of 26, Magi Clearance, (artifact quest.)

Ice Lances, Tower of Solberg, Royal Clearance

Unlock Doors, Erika's Tower, needs Blessed Athame

Create Illusions, Athron's Lair

Far Sight, Formello, needs the Deciphering Lens

Lightning Spray, Tower of Elderan, L4

Capture Soul, Crystal Shrine, Wilvron Bok, after returning a Crystal Soul

Simulacrum, Crystal Shrine, Wilvron Bok, after returning a Crystal Soul

Dispel Barrier, Barrier Tower

Summon Aid, Tomb of Demonslayer

Beast Ceremony, Trapped Halls of Sixus

Fireblast, Ornotha Ziggurat, L2

Arcane Summon, Olgai, after returning all three Crystal Souls.

Arcane Shield, Tower of Magi, after destroying the Portal.

Arcane Blow, The Castle, after defeating Garzahd




Healing, Almaria, Hmurr's Inn

Curing, Tower of Magi, after Suzanne's Fire Lizard Egg quest

Battle Rage, Tower of Magi, after Kelner's Serpent Cult quest

Shielding, Tower of Magi, after Vincent's Black Drake Fang quest

Repel Spirit, Serpent Cult, needs Blessed Athame.

Smite, Cotra Ruins

Summon Shade, Pyrog's Cave, needs Vahnatai Lore

Safe Travel, Cave of Motrax, Magi Clearance, four Piercing Crystals!

Unshackle Mind, Dharmon, Magi Sanctum

Move Mountains, Crystal Shrine, Wilvron Bok, after returning a Crystal Soul

Mass Healing, Cave of Motrax, (Magi Clearance).

Mass Curing, Empire Archives, Level 2

Sanctuary, Gnass, Pathass, after Slith Charm quest

Divine Fire, Dark Tunnel, needs Vahnatai Lore

Control Foes, Empire Archives, Level 2

Cloud of Blades, Ruined Town, needs Vahnatai Lore

Return Life, Giant's Cave, (Town 104)

Divine Warrior, Olgai, after returning all three Crystal Souls.

Divine Restoration, Tower of Magi, after destroying the Portal.

Divine Host, The Castle, after defeating Garzahd



Level 2 Spells

(Crone Caverns: Ice Lances, Far Sight)

Out Zone 3, Northern Islands: Dispel Barrier

Out Zone 20, Central Avernum: Return Life, Divine Restoration


Deciphering Lens is easily obtained once party returns to Avernum, hence I don't bother to record it for areas that can't be accessed before the return.

Slow, Patrick's Tower, Rune Reading of 26, Magi Clearance, (Vahnatai artifact quest.)

Edited by Ishad Nha
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