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Avernum 2 Let's Play!

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most soldiers are in forts etc so ..........

That does explain why the undead are running around outside, sure, but this is still the city that provides food to most of Avernum, thus making it a critical place to hold, and at the very least the local guard should be able to do something about Chirtrach and Aranea INSIDE the city walls. You'd think, anyway. I'd expect more local issues in places like Blosk or Formello.


Either way it seems the last attempt to remove the curse didn't quite take, so let's see if we can do something to stop it ourselves...




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Go to Patrick's Tower, there is some nice stuff there...

I think Jeff intends that you next explore the Central Avernum area, Fort Dranlon through to Silvar. You will soon see why.

Mage and Priest spells are sold at different prices by different people, as you will soon learn the hard way.

Don't worry. Patrick's Tower will be soon, and Central Avernum is planned after the Great Cave.


For now though, onwards into the castle!




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Fort Dranlon is where you got the Dispel Barrier spell in A1.

You should have a shortcut in your A2 game, it is called "Avernum 2 Map", it leads to the graphic "Avernum 2 Map.BMP", which is found in your main A2 directory.




You are looking for a half-burned piece of paper, somewhere in Blosk.



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Curing is found at the Tower of Magi, after Suzanne's Fire Lizard Egg quest. (Check the three tomes in the room near the pool in the bottom of the map.)


Your party may have picked up a level of Dread Curse in the Crone Caverns when they read the first book, the one that had blank pages.

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Four NPCs are found in A2, they can join your party if you have a spare slot. You can create a spare slot by Deleting a PC. NPCs usually have much better stats than regular PCs. (Assuming the player has not been making massive use of the Character Editor.)

If you are new to A2, replacing some of your PCs with NPCs might be a good idea. Do it quickly because their stats may remain the same no matter what your level when they join you. Hence the lower your PC's levels, the greater the advantage of replacing one of them with an NPC.


Becca, Warrior at Formello.

Wendy, Mage at Fort Dranlon

Assotho, Priest at Gnass*

Stewart, Warrior at Kothtar L2


*Must complete a quest before this person will join you.

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