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Exile and Avernum continuity questions

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So the first three Avernum games are supposed to be a remake of the Exile trilogy. However, the characters and much of the content have changed. Which series is considered canon?


Additional question: I once read that the default Blades of Exile and Blades of Avernum scenarios are not considered canon despite being created by Jeff. Is that true?

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"Much of the content"? Very, very little of the content actually changed. I can't recall there having been a situation in which it mattered which of the two was canonical.


I don't think any of the plot of any of the BoE/A scenarios ever came up in the later Avernum games (A4-6), except that I think there may have been a passing reference to the Second Slith War (from ZKR) in at least one of them. I think someone once said that Jeff said that he doesn't feel bound by them (i.e. they're not canonical), but they've never been contradicted, either.


EDIT: Oh, except I think some years changed from Exile to Avernum — the First Expedition was a different number of years before E1 than it was before A1, if I remember correctly, and some things like that. For that, I'd expect that the later supersedes the former.

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The calendar year changed, probably because it was so minimal in Exile that Jeff forgot it. A few names changed. Mostly, though, the two series are inter-canonical. And it's worth noting that Jeff doesn't really feel bound by the canon of his own games. The history carried forward often isn't any particular ending of a game, and sometimes things get changed or forgotten.


—Alorael, who simply doesn't think that canon is an issue Jeff wastes any time on. He tries not to create gross errors, but when he does (second continent in Geneforge) he doesn't lose sleep over it, and fanon can patch it or everyone can grumble and play on.

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There's definitely a reference to ZKR and the first scenario from BoA at some point in the second trilogy, though I can't quite remember where or even which game.


It's been a while but your mention kicked something loose in that filing system my mind uses. I 'think' the ZKR reference was in A5 (maybe with the Anama or later on) where you were chatting with a minor character in one of the towns & he was reminiscing about his time in the army & how the trip down the river reminded him of when he was posted at one end of the ZKR.

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