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Crystal Charm Locations

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Hi. I have problems with recovering orb of thralni. in the caves there is a lot of basilisks and they stone whole my party before i am able to kill them (they are stacked up for 2-3 in each place). I've red somewhere that crystal charm prevent from being stoned (and crysal shield but i use 2-handed weapons on 3/4 of my chars - the last one uses bow).

Can someone give me locations where Crystal charms may be obtained (i think i had one but i probably sold it)?

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There may be a Crystal Shield for sale at the outdoor mine/foundry north of Dharmon.

Generally, Haste your party, Slow the monsters and hit them with your most damaging spells. If only one person has a Crystal Charm or Shield, send them ahead of everyone else.

Bind Foe may be useful, ditto summoning a lot of monsters to act as cannon fodder.

You don't need the Orb of Thralni in the early part of the game, you can leave it until you have some levels under your belt.

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I do not want to use editor (used it once to reset boats because had lost track of one of them and cannot get to hidden tower). Ishad thanx for hint about crystsl shield - it helps a lot, it saved my ass in few other locations. Anyways Randomizer was right and getting orb did not require killing basilisk.

I was gettin orb when my party was early 30's so it wasn't really early game :-) now when i finished almost whole game (at least all of main quests - because i am sure there is still a lot of side ones to do) i start to play my favourite part of saga which is A2. First time i played it it was a demo, now thanx to GOG i have full version, and at last i understand the prologue about striking hawthorne :-) Still don't understand why it does not say anything about me slaying adze or grah or why i can't find demonslayer in Fort Draco where i finished first avernum :-)


Cheers to everyone and Thank You Spiderweb for giving us this great saga (my favourite right after planescape and baldur's gate).

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