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Give it a purpose. Is it a mining town? A crossroads for travelers? A port? What are the major industries or commercial centers? In a related issue, give it a geographical feature. Is it on a coast? On a bay? Near a lake? By a river? On a mountain pass? On a major road? Near a large hill? Near a canyon? Near a waterfall?


Also, an article from the Scenario Workshop may be useful.

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You can fake card games, like poker, blackjack, etc. You might build into your scenario a "gambling" skill that affects the outcome of playing these games, so a Level 1 gambler has a 50-50 chance of winning, at Level 2 it's a 55% chance, etc.


Or you can "half-fake" some card games by having a set (10-20) hands that come up randomly.


See the Hut of Baba Yaga duelling rats or Quests of the Spheres guards poker game. I think there are other scenarios out there that do these things as well.


Or, you could build the card game entirely outside of BoE itself, with full randomness and complexity. When you win perhaps a series of hands, you are given a keyword that will (in BoE) force a character to give you a reward

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