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  1. Obviously this is what the graphics looked like for my Exile 2. Terrain Monsters (Note: There aren't any attack poses.)
  2. I have asked several times if someone has remade the towns of Exile 2 chapter one, nobody answered, I've been remaking them myself, along with the outdoors. Thanks, I've downloaded it now, and I'm sure it'll help me ALOT.
  3. Whoops, my mistake, thanks Kelandon. I only corrected Syntyrael because he REALLY messed up the spelling, check out his first post.
  4. There are more reasons than what they look like that is separating the races in Avernum. The Slithzerakai don't like humans because they have invaded "their lands". Nephilim don't like humans because humans were the ones who sent them to their icy cold doom in Exile in the first place. The Vahnatai don't like humans/The Empire because they stole their Crystal Souls. The Empire doesn't like Exiles because they killed Hawthorne. Its not just the fleshy outside that is keeping them separated but what each society has done to eachother in the past.
  5. It's spelled, Slithzerakai, and why don't you ask Jeff himself, as opposed to those who play his games?
  6. Has made all the towns and dungeons for the first chapter of E2, northeastern exile?
  7. In Exile the wand of Carrunos gives the target health.
  8. Either that is highly offensive, or a very good news, A BRAND NEW SCENARIO, JUST FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME! YAY!
  9. I believe there are four levels of the actual Ziggurat, plus the Ziggurat roof, and the guardian plains, equals the grand total of 6 towns making up all of the Ziggurat.
  10. In Exile 2, Cotra is destroyed and inhabited by Empire soldiers and a wide variety of monsters. Cotra is open to one of the large seas in Exile. By boat, you can enter from the south. Cotra is located right next to a bridge covered river. When you enter that bridge space from the outdoors and proceed east into Cotra, your boat becomes stuck on land and you can't get it out. I lost a perfectly good boat this way.
  11. Wasn't there a bordello in, "Trouble in Mendor"? It would probably help anyone who is has a question to read the articles . I know Kelandon gave a link already, but this is to all of the articles.
  12. My information comes from E2 so there may be a few diffences in the two Madhouses, but probably the differences, aren't big enough to matter much. I myself beat the Madhouse before getting dispel barrier. If they are creating that big of a problem, use dispel barrier crystals.
  13. I think he was just kidding, thats why he used the little smiley. To say something completely stupid, but try and act cool after saying it, is kinda funny.
  14. When playing any of the Exile games, you can see how many hostiles you have killed, the damage you have dealt altogether, and the all the damage you have recieved. While playing a game or a newly opened one, go to the options menu and choose, "See overall party stats" This will give you the stats stated above in the text box. The one I have open now, I have killed 1503 monsters, dealt 16017 points of damage, and have recieved 2006 points of damage.
  15. I liked E2's plot the best. It was in my opinion the most involved of the 3. I also like the fact at how you weren't even supposed to be big heroes or anything, your group were small-time adventurers who were supposed to rid NE Exile of Nephilim. When in the end, you end up saving all of Exile.
  16. You can't add an outdoor area. You just can't.
  17. I don't think there is anyway, for those horses to be available to you. They are just there to look pretty.
  18. I have those graphics on my E2. I know how to make screenshots and that, but I don't know how to get them on the web. So if someone would explain that to me, I would gladly take many pics of my E2, and display them for all to see.
  19. I believe you have to go through the maze a certain way so you can go through it and to the NW corner. I can't remember specifics now, so I'll have to go back and replay it.
  20. ***SPOILER***SPOILER***SPOILER*** You must have asked Pathass, in Gnass about 'ritual.' Go to the second level, and look for three pools, touch each one, and then you will be able to pass to the boat.
  21. I don't think there are any scenarios with snow, then again I haven't played that many myself. But, if you want to see what snow terrain would probably look like in a scenario come here . Unless of course the scenario designer wishes to create some himself/herself, and doesn't use the ones on the site.
  22. I believe the secret door is on the wall that is by the lava river surrounding the center of the archives.
  23. I've mentioned before that I'm planning on making a scenario located in north-eastern Exile 2. I couldn't find anything with it readily downloadable so I decided to do it myself. I was on a roll, and my computer froze, I hadn't saved. So I re-started the whole thing and saved frequently, but I messed up with a cave wall, and made it one space too short, so by the time I realized my mistake I made to much progress and saved too many times for me to fix it without erasing the whole outdoors. I guess its all just part of the experience.
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