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Town Lighting


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I just created a Town Node to change the light level within a given town. The only function modified is specials.c. The arguments are as follows:


ex1a: Light Level (0 - Fully Lit, 1 - Dark, 2 - Very Dark, 3 - Totally Dark)

ex1b: Unused

ex2a: Amount of Light to Change

ex2b: 0 - Give, 1 - Take Away


Note that setting ex1a to -1 has it do nothing and just serves to give the party (or take from) light.



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The bit about it being possible in theory but not actually feasible was the whole rest of the exploit. We experimented a bit and were able to accomplish a few cool things by accident, but I think we never managed to actually understand how it all worked together. 16th century alchemy, sorta.


Also, Laz: Did Lighting work in Mac too? Otherwise, we have a nice balance - Mac players get to reset their automap, Windows players get lighting changes...

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Well, it's good to see that it's finally possible to change it... I'm currently working on a scenario with some nice extra features (I hope I get at least this one released) and without OBoE it wouldn't really work at all...


By the way, where actually is the download mirror for the OBoE "Player" and Editor which you are working at, Stareye? (If there is one yet, I tried to find one but failed)

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It's currently hosted at Desperance. Djur was kind enough to set up a darcs repository there for me to use. Right now the code is exclusively for OS-X, ultimately someone would need to port this for windows. Most of the changes I made are commented with the string "OBoE" nearby with a description. The resource files are another story, I'd need to put those up directly as darcs does not handle them properly.


At this point, I would not recommend using OBoE for real design work. I'm planning on making changes which will temporarily break scenario compatability such that scenarios created with an intermediate version will not function. It will be possible to get a BoE scenario and convert to an OBoE one (which is tricky enough without rewriting the file I/O code completely), but I don't want to muck with intermediate version support.

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The issue is how file I/O is handled. Whenever I add anything that changes the structure of the files (say adding pointers for save files), the program cannot simply load in the changes normally, it will crash if care is not taken in the source code. For each version, special things must be added to the source code to handle backward compatability.


A BoE file can be read into OBoE in its current form because I know something about the old save file and what the new format should look like. Things created in the intermediate phase are subject to have an "unknown" save file structure and as such will either be corrupted or (more likely) crash.


In other words, anything created in an intermediate is subject not to work, period, in the released product. Since I won't know what phase of development your file was generated in, it will not be easy (i.e. very time consuming) to convert it over.


Someone is, of course, free to port the OBoE changes over to 9.1 or before. I have no plans (or the ability at present) to do so.

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