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Confused, please help.


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Originally written by Inferior:
Originally written by Merrick:
It says "This is not an Exile ll save file."
I've never played Exile II, but my assumption is that you can only play those scenarios with Blades of Exile.
Actually, this is a cosmetic bug in BoE. BoE claims to be Exile II under some circumstances.

But yeah, the actual problem is that you're not supposed to open a scenario as if it were a saved game.
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Originally written by chicho:
Originally written by Bender Bending Rodriguez:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this belong in the BoE board?
well the kid is new here, just let him be laugh
cause all of us were aprentice sometime anyway
Even though your title doesn't define whether you're a noob or not.
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