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Canisters, alterations, and the Geneforge


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From what I've seen so far (haven't played much of G4 or G5), canisters, alterations, and the Geneforge all work in the same way - by Shaping a person, which is forbidden. The thing is that alterations don't count as canisters, so someone who only uses those will not notice any canister madness or glowy effects.


What I'm wondering is: Is this merely a game design compromise to make no-canister runs easier, similar to how the PC can Shape drayks without any repercussions, or is there actually a difference between being Shaped by pre-programmed essence and being Shaped by a person? (Note also that the more debilitating "canister leprosy" seen in some NPCs in G3 is implied to be due to the canisters going "off", so at least one of the side effects of canister use is due to the essence.)


Another thing: alterations and the Geneforge are incredibly painful, while canisters are not. Maybe canister addiction is not addiction to the power per se, but addiction to... additives?

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It might be something like drugs in general, all of them inebriate you but you get addicted to some and not to others , RaustBlackDragon has made a good point too, although I wonder why he has quoted the whole of your post in spite of being the first person to reply :p .

Edit:-He removed the quote, I look very stupid now, don't I?

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Spoilers for G3:


I'm pretty sure the alteractions in G3 count as cannister uses, but I'm not 100% sure. Shaping seems to make the shapee more and more 'creation-like', regardless of the method used, and those that use the geneforge but not the cannisters (possible in G4, for instance), and those who use cannisters but not the geneforge (possible in G3) seem to exhibit many of the same quirks, such as 'cannister rage', skin wierdness, and aloofness. I suspect that the pain brought on by using the geneforge is due to its effects being much more drastic than those brought on by cannisters. I suspect that the alterations such as those that can be doen by the Drakon on the Isle of Spears are in line with what happens when the player adds attributes to their creations using essense. It would require a great deal of knowledge about the creature beign shaped (humans, serviles) to pull off, but would theoretically be possible by any shaper of a great deal of skill, it's just that human-shaping is not necessarily a widely circulated skill in their circles, for obvious reasons, so in practice few could do it, sicne this would be a pretty coveted skill, it would explain why there is the need for cannisters and geneforges. Geneforges can convert a great many recruits into lifecrafters, requiring only some maitnence, and cannisters can be delivered to places where the cannister-makers can not go. I suspect that they are just different methods of achieving the same result. Both cannisters and the Geneforge seem to be soemwhat unpredictable, however and the geneforge can kill folks who fall in or really mess them up if they are unlucky like the lifecrafter living in the cave in G4, whiel cannisters have the added disadvantage of possibly spoiling over time, like the one Hoge used in the Dhonal Isle Inn.


As for the addictive properties of the cannisters, on Harmony Isle in G3 you can find a cannister that was built for a specific person, that has none of the alluring qualities of 'normal' cannisters, and is actually harmful and painful to touch, while in G1 cannisters will actually kill serviles who try to use them. I suspect that the alluring quality at the very least is a designed feature, (compare the player character's reaction to being in the presence of said cannister to Lankan's reaction) Which makes the rebel's actions of purposefully leaving cannisters around for the PC to find and dangling the promise of cannisters as rewards to be particularly villainous, IMO, esp. in G3- it seems like they are purposefully trying to addict you for the purposes of recruiting you, a pretty underhanded and despicable tactic. Considering that they used a very similar tactic on Shaper Agatha in the same game (in which they purposefully gave her cannisters with the intention of addling her brain so they could take advantage of her mental infirmity) I don't think this interprutation is too far fetched.

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