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Avernum 1&2 : Movement Handling (Windows)

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In the Windows version of A1 and A2, using the arrow keys moves your party in the directions perpendicular to the cardinal directions N, E, W and S unlike that of the later games.


This can be irritating as most pathways and doors are located along these directions and you have to either mouse your way through or use the numpad. But neither of them is as comfortable as using the arrow keys. And many laptops / some keyboards don't have numpads.


I've made a tiny little subprogram which maps the Numpad keys 3,7,9 and 1 into the corresponding arrow keys Right, Left, Up and Down. With it the player can move just as in the later Avernum games from BoA onwards.


Download ToArrows (202 Kb)


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Attached file to post in case the download link should stop working in the future.
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I have tried it and it works great. And yes it does. Infact, its like it changes the keyboard functions. However, it is VERY easy to turn off. If you have windows, go to the bottom right hand corner, next to your time, and hover over the icons their untill something comes up that says, ToArrows. Then click it and press, "Off" Or whatever it says.


This is what happens if you use the arrow keys for anything else

^= 9 <=7 v=1 >=3.

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