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Broken cheat

Shaper Dante

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I'm beta-testing his scenario, and some of the scripts were written by Dante, not Blake. It'd seem kinda odd to credit someone who doesn't even exist. This is further reinforced by e-mails he's sent me (I had asked him if his scenario had been a joint project) which imply that his friend Dante uses Blake's computer. Unless Blake is suffering from some sort of mental disorder that causes hallucinations, which I highly doubt, there's no reason for Blake to insist that Dante exists, unless he actually exists!


Spelling and grammar similarities are also explained by this, since they both live in the same country in South America.

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Exactly as Thuryl said. Even if they are separate people, which I doubt (check your PM) you are still responsible for your account. Letting someone else use it or being irresponsible with it makes the owner still responsible. I can't even remember how many nefarious "little brothers" or "friends" we've seen.

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