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How do install downloaded scenarios for Blades of Exile?


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BTW, I have the registered downloaded version, and I am waiting for the disk to arrive in the mail. I cannot play any custom made scenarios, as well as the downloaded ones. I am really excited to play all of these downloaded scenarios, as the first 3 are getting kinda boring, so I would really apreciate it if someone could help me out here. Thank you in advance.

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Uh, ben, what are you talking about? He already HAS the registered version -- he downloaded the registered version off SW's passworded secure-download site for registered users. He's only waiting for the disk so that he can use the fancy manual and stuff. And you DO still need to page through the list of scenarios to see more than the first few scenarios on BoE as well as BoA.


Also, resmc157, are you sure that you're clicking "Custom Scenario" and not "Start Scenario"?

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Originally written by Kelandon:
Uh, did you not read the thread? Evidently he's not seeing the custom scenarios.

Bear in mind that you have to page forward on the list to see scenarios beyond the default. There's an arrow button.
I did read the thread, but I went under the assumption that his problem was solved and that he waited for his disk to come, so he can play the game.
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Make sure that there aren't any files other than .exs and appropriate graphic files (.bmp for Windows, .meg for Mac) in the scenario folder. A friend of mine had a similar problem to yours, and found he'd inadvertently put a scenario readme file in the scenarios folder; once he removed it, the custom scenario selection dialog worked fine.

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All of the downloads that i have are from the SpiderwebSoftware site. Here they are (their file names, anyways):



























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.meg files are graphics in Macintosh format; you only need them if you're using a Mac. .gif files are included so that you can make your own graphics file if the included one isn't working. If you're using Windows, you should remove all of both file types from your scenarios folder.


EDIT: You're welcome. I'm glad you managed to get BoE working properly; there really are some great scenarios out there. Check out the Lyceum\'s Comprehensive Scenario Rankings for more detailed scenario reviews than you'll find at Spiderweb (but be warned that the highest-rated scenarios over there tend to be rather difficult for beginners).

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