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Watch out for the spellcasters in the Honored Forge camp. They're arguably tougher than the Main Bad Guy and should not be underestimated. Once they get themselves hasted and blessed you need to focus on them or you end up eating 8 attacks/round.


And yes, I killed them off even though I didn't really feel like I should, but there weren't any repercussions. And as Turtle said, there's some nice, phat lewts to be had.

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Originally Posted By: lordofdc
Ah, good, good. Now to cut their throats into pieces...after I finish with that Carsta Arl guy...and his wife is proving a bit.....hard...

His wife summons a spirit wolf that shields her from damage. You should get a message at the top of the screen whenever this happens. You have to send at least 1 member of your group to hunt and kill the wolf before you can start hammering away at her.
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I didn't want to do the quest, because it was Shima using hand powers to resolve pre-hand issues (which is pretty much the definition of corruption). On the other hand, my main character was a shadowwalker and there was no way I was passing on the chest, so I did it anyway. But I let Harua go because I got the chest anyway and didn't care whether Shima liked me.

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