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Getting this series but want to understand registration first

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I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on ordering the entire Avernum series as well as Geneforge, but I want to understand how the DRM for these games work first.


From what I can tell from the ordering page, when you install the demo, it'll generate a registration code for you. If you enter that when you order the actual CDs, you'll be immediately emailed the registration key.


Does this mean I'll only be able to play this game on one of my computers? Part of the reason I like old-school style games like this is I can usually toss them on a flash drive and plug them into my desktop, laptop, or even my work computer, since system requirements aren't really an issue. It sounds like I'll only be able to play this on one computer.


Is that true even with the CD version? After installing from CD, will I have to generate a registration code and then log on and get a key?


And if so, can I do that for multiple computers?


Just want to understand how this works before I make my decision. Also, I'd love to see these games on Impulse or Steam. I hate trying to keep CDs and registration keys around years after purchase.

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Thanks for the response. Seems like my best bet is to download the Avernum 1 and Geneforge 1 demos, get the registration codes for one of my computers, enter those into the order form, and then play on that machine until the CDs arrive. After that, sounds like I should be able to install on multiple machines and just move my saved games around.




(Probably a moot point since I bet I won't even get through the demo content before the CDs arrive).

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