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E3--Max points


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When playing any of the Exile games, you can see how many hostiles you have killed, the damage you have dealt altogether, and the all the damage you have recieved. While playing a game or a newly opened one, go to the options menu and choose, "See overall party stats" This will give you the stats stated above in the text box. The one I have open now, I have killed 1503 monsters, dealt 16017 points of damage, and have recieved 2006 points of damage.

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In the Options menu, there is a choice called "See Overall Party Stats." It lists number of kills, kills in this town, total experience, total damage done, and total damage taken. I think some people would have very impressive stats of this nature for certain BoE scenarios. A party that has just finished Demon Island II, for instance, would have obscenely high total damage done.


Sadly, I never played E3, but for A3, my final party had this:

Number of kills: 4635

Total experience: 310195

Total damage done: 1354588

Total damage taken: 80674

Current reputation: 74


Evidently I gave far better than I got (by better than a 15:1 ratio).

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Solberg, what are you talking about? I checked before I posted, and those statistics are available in E3, BoE, and A3, and presumably in the entire Exile and Avernum series.


How do you think I got those statistics out of A3 if they were only available in Exile?


Please start using common sense.

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