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  1. Originally Posted By: Anterior Motives There are only a very small number of games that put your saves in the cloud, and I think they're all games by Valve itself. It's not an option available to everyone else. Nah, there are plenty of games by other companies that use Steam Cloud (Borderlands, Bastion, Trine, etc.). It's listed on the game's store page if it has it. The developer just has to figure out how to make use of it. I doubt it's as simple as browsing to the directory and saying "If this file exists, copy it to cloud," but the tools are there. May or may not cost the developer/publisher extra to make use of, but who knows?
  2. Look around a bit on the internet and you can find an older version of the game. When he released the newer versions he changed the size of the image files too, but with a bit of creative cutting and pasting you can get your own little mix of the old and new graphics. I did.
  3. Any relation to the Efreet weapon smith in that area in E2? If you have to use the Orb of Thralni to get there it's probably just a guard so you can't get über augmented weapons if you don't deserve them.
  4. Exactly. The added kills without having to spend as much gold on reviving and such makes up for the added exp. cost.
  5. Woops, looks like I'm wrong. I've consulted my notes and such, and it seems that Wall of Force is in the Verdant Valley, which is just a tiny bit southeast of Fort Draco. As long as you don't explore too much you can easily breeze through the "Bandit's Lair" there and get the spell. All you need to kill are about a half dozen Brigands, 2 or 3 Archers, and a pair of Apprentice Mages. Not to mention the hordes of Gremlins and various types of Cave Rats which just happen to inhabit the outer areas of the cave.
  6. Nope. You buy Forcefield from the Vahnatai in Mancuso if I'm not mistaken, and Conflagration from the mage that lives where the first Bandit Fort was in Exile 1 (Northwest of Duvno). And those are in chapters 3 and 4. No help as you're starting out.
  7. Ehh sorry if I don't remember if it's poison or disease, I already found all 5 and I learned after the first time(several years ago) that you shouldn't try to take it. And he can't get the reward if he doesn't register.
  8. You don't start out with Wall of Force or Conflagration. We're saying early game. In the early game, you need Fireball to be effective so you can blast through the Nephil Fort with as few casualties as possible. Sure... you could spend a while killing those "Black Saber" guys under Fort Draco enough times to level up, but the point is that Flame Cloud is the only spell you start out with that does a damaging field and it only does one space. If you have enough money you can go buy Ice Wall in Formello, but that requires either a few kills, the editor, or the sale of rather invaluable early game equipment, ie. the Bronze Broadsword(+1)
  9. I don't know about Avernum, but if you play through Exile 1 and 2 you find out what the Wand of Carrunos does. "Used during the hunt to make the prey stronger" or something along those lines. I thought it would make them stronger and increase the exp gain from them proportionally, but what Xan said sounds a lot easier to code. In Exile 2 the info is in the Castle on a bookshelf. In Exile 1 you buy the information from a shopkeeper, don't remember who though. I think it's the one in Blosk.
  10. Oh yeah, flame cloud. One space. w00t. And one damage is a big deal when you only have 18-20 max health. It's also a big deal when they hit you 3 times per turn. And there's another reason its so low. You have to make the losses equal the gains. If he made toughness block a percentage of damage or a higher number per hit, it would be overpowered. I think that toughness is worth the 8 or so experience cost per level.
  11. Heres another spoiler. The door is an empire supply cache. Don't try to take the stuff, or you'll get diseased and get nothing out of it. Just burn it. There are 5 of them and you'll get a reward later, assuming you have more than just the demo.
  12. The only problem with that philosophy is that once you hit level 50 (supposedly the max level, never needed that high) and have all stats maxed (via Knowledge Brew, etc.) you would be weaker than a character who was given more extra bonuses at start but took a little longer to level. The added exp cost is nothing on a mage if he's the only one in the party, so you might as well heap it on. Besides, try casting Fireball without Magical Aptitude and only 4 or so intelligence. Chances are at least one of the enemies will get hit with a flame that says "0." If you can't kill them, you can't level up. And if you don't give people Toughness then you might lose your entire party. To a Giant Lizard.
  13. I think he was saying the prefab party's Nephilim had an extra dexterity put into them over the humans. Of course I never used the prefab party so I wouldn't know.
  14. Everybody loves GameFAQs Most of the walkthroughs for Exile and Avernum games there are posted as Mac FAQs but it's there.
  15. Try going to a good old fashioned Walkthrough site. Or search "Exile # Walkthrough" or "Exile # Spell Locations." Of course, the Orb of Thralni pwns Flight and is in most cases easier to find.
  16. Happened to me too, but it's no big deal. Just go to Silvar and buy another. Or Almaria. Or you can use the editor to "Return all boats to start" or whatever it says. Of course, that lets you go back through all that stuff from Chapter 2 if you missed something.
  17. Sorry for omitting the location of the Identify spell, but I don't play E3, I just know it's there because Jeff didn't remove any spells that I use from E2 when he made E3.
  18. Nope, most definitely not in Exile 1 or 2... too bad
  19. As far as all those tips go, I already do that stuff. I just ran through the cavern really quick a little after starting, only the 3rd or 4th dungeon I've been to so far. I was just wondering if it was possible with the crystal or not because the crystal is found there. And it's definitely a Force Barrier, not a Fire Barrier (to use the E2 equivalents), with no passages going past it. Grim Cavern has been in both Exile and Exile II a place where you HAVE to dispel the barrier to finish it. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  20. Okay, I have two questions: a) does the effectiveness of Piercing Crystals increase with level like the Dispel Barrier? and is the magic barrier in the Grim Cavern dispellable using a Piercing Crystal? I've already tried 50 or so times so I'm thinking either no, or I need a higher level.
  21. Play the original Exile, then check the "About Us" on the webpage. That should be enough info to say he got a divorce.
  22. Try www.imageshack.com because its free and such and you dont need to register or anything.
  23. Get the Identify mage spell too, it'll save you all the gold that gets stacked up from paying for identifications. Sure, it wastes a lot of food to cast it on your entire inventory, but the Manna spell makes up for the food and if you're REALLY tight for cash, the excessive time to cast it that many times wont be a problem.
  24. Well if you are going to transfer the registered game you have to make sure you also include the registry files so that it would be considered registered... sorta like when you get exile on another computer and need it registered but lost your code... or if you get an older version of Exile because you just like the old graphic set :-D.
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