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  1. Have to second Lazarus. A1, A2, E3 -- that's how I recommend them to people.
  2. Ormus seems to have quit. Unfortunate. Anyway, looking at the Windows source code, a few things-- -These sources are getting only slightly less Windows-centric. Good start, but far more is necessary. #ifdef hell may not even work with the mess on our hands. -They're never going to compile under VS2005, which is a cast-iron shame. 800+ errors say "hello." Similarly, on gcc, I can only get it to compile by mickey-mousing the CFLAGS and ignoring things that should not be ignored. -These sources still don't work on Vista. Now, like any half-sane person, I don't use Vista (tested it in VMware), but that's still a sticking point. I'm of the opinion that a reimplementation may be necessary, especially to expand the system limitations sanely. (In my spare time I'm messing around with one.) -New file format. Very, very necessary in the long term. I propose that a group get together and formulate this, preferably one with a lot of both scenario and code experience.
  3. I found the use if is_special -- it differentiates node/party/monster item drops from preplaced items. Thanks to TM for the insight. As far as I can tell, a is just a spacer variable... Also, I'm trying to hunt up an old compiler and setup to work on this in its native environment, so to speak. If JV happens to look at this forum--could you tell me exactly what compiler you used? I recall you saying you used CodeWarrior, but which version? Any makefiles? That sort of thing.
  4. I'm ripping apart the source code in an attempt to port it to C# (using Mono, for cross-platform winfulness). I have a few questions that someone might be able to help with (possibly JV, possibly someone else): In the structure item_record_type, there are two fields that I am unfamiliar with: is_special and one termed, rather oddly, a. is_special is only used in two places, and from this I cannot figure out its purose. a--no idea there. Can anyone assist? (And for anyone who is interested, what I'm doing is copying over all of the data structures into C# equivalents--and doing minor changes as well to make it easier--before trying to parse the .EXS file. There are enough errors in the Windows codebase that I don't foresee ever getting the thing to really work--better to start over.)
  5. Not me. I'm a fairly-infrequent passer-by and I've been playing Spiderweb games since I downloaded the Exile I demo on AOL in--must have been 1995. I disappear fairly regularly. I'm also an open-source developer; currently I'm writing a package manager system as part of the Google Summer of Code. Stareye told me a while back that JV released the code--I've just had too much on my plate to amble on over here yet.
  6. Hey, folks. It's been a while, but a little while ago Stareye told me that JV open-sourced Blades of Exile. So I thought I'd wander on by and see what help I could offer. From reading the forums, it seems like Khoth has become the de facto maintainer of the Mac side of things. Who's in charge of the PC side of things? (Or has a reasonably up-patched trunk going somewhere.) Is there a CVS repository somewhere? Or an IRC channel on Freenode or somewhere? Trying to get up to speed here as fast as I can in order to be productive. Lay it on me. -Ed
  7. Doing it to Rentar-Ihrno takes a long time. Anyway, if you really need someone back, just use the Editor. It can return all PCs.
  8. As JV says himself, this code is ten years of kludge. Oh, wait--so is Avernum!
  10. Where is it in Avernum? I looked, but couldn't find it.
  11. This is a hard question. I'm going to have to go with E1 (but that's because I've been playing A1, in part). E2/A2 is simply too sprawling, and, unlike some of the other BoE/BoA people, I like a game that involves more smashing than wandering around and oohing and aahing at special nodes. As for E3/A3--no. The game is very fun, but the storyline is pure drek, for reasons Kel explained above.
  12. In Exile, if you kill him, it's game over, no matter how he dies. You can't even get that far in Exile/Avernum II, and I haven't tried yet in A1.
  13. A3 uses a different game engine. It also runs a good deal slower on Windows. A2 runs at a steady pace on my (very ancient) Compaq Presario 1230. A3 takes about ten seconds for the blood-spatter animation to play when you hit someone.
  14. Did anyone else think of something definitely not PG-13 at the sight of this thread's title?
  15. Quote: Originally written by arrukusu: I said i wanted a list Slightly demanding, aren't you?
  16. Do you mean Mage Skill/Priest Skill level 1-2 spells? If so, most of the mages just outside FE can teach you.
  17. Talk to Commander Corie--I think she's in Sharimik. Then go talk to Nydia or whatever her name is (Corie tells you) in Softport. Then go north some more, find the hermit, and get it out of him.
  18. You don't have to start over. You can just kill off one of your characters. It's actually not a bad idea to do so. I usually start with two priest/mages (Ice Lances and Healing, pretty much) and two slith fighters. About the time I get through the bandits, one fighter is strong enough that I can nuke the second and create another mage or priest.
  19. Tripod closed the website (because I uploaded and couldn't unzip an archive of pics for another part of the site--blah!) and lost the most recent update of that. I'm going to update with 0.85 soon. (This Windows one, to the best of my knowledge, still works.) As for the cross-platform one, I had some HD problems, but had an earlier backup at school. Once I get a break in my other projects, I'll finish it--there's not too much left to do.
  20. It seems that fist damage is something like 1-3 + 1-3 * level, but I'm not sure (I just tested it and the max a level one with 1 str got was 6). No idea on the rest.
  21. Quote: Originally written by Tanabi: Unfortunately you can't have people 'stand' on beds to make them go to sleep anymore; beds are obsticals. So I don't really know what to do with 'sleeping' NPCs yet. Suggestions would be welcome. Hide them from the player somewhere.
  22. Once I got to the Giants, I was buff enough to drill about twenty wandering monster encounters (this is without doing the roaches, too; my spellcasters were at level 20 and my fighters around 10). I had enough to max out my mages and halfway to my fighters. Now I just need to get the cash for all those happy fun spells.
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