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Originally Posted By: Pansupticon Ply
As far as I am aware, Magic has never used dice -- with the sole exception of some Unglued cards, which are not part of the regular game at all (and have never been legal in any tournament format).
Magic uses dice, but it's extremely rare and is normally "Roll one six-sided die" for some type of effect. I wouldn't know about anything recent, though; I haven't done anything Magic-related since about 2004 at the latest.
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Originally Posted By: Ephesos
As I reflect on the years of my life I've frittered away on these boards and in this community, I can't help but feel let down. I look back at the 5,000 posts I've made, and I can't help but feel that at least 4,200 of them were total, utter drivel. I look at the community that exists in the present day, and I feel like I no longer belong.

Same here, except doubly for me. tongue
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