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Geneforge 3 Editor Information


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WARNING: Installing this editor involves modifying your game files. Even if you only install it and never actively use it, your game may change in ways you don't expect or want. This editor is not made or supported by Spiderweb Software. Install at your own risk.


Want to tinker with your character's stats? Use the **unsupported** character editors (be sure to BACK UP YOUR FILES before you use). To use: download, find the original scripts with these file names in the scripts folder, BACK UP THOSE OLD SCRIPTS, and replace those old scripts with these new ones. Start the game and go to the access point (listed below).

  • gf3itemschars.txt and z2southenddlg.txt by Slp006, modified from Hawk King's editor and Riibu's editor (which was modified from Croikle's GF2 editor); access point is the First South End sign

For your own script-editing desires, here are a few useful lists:



Because Dikiyoba realized that G3 was hogging more than its fair share of the forum header, that's why.

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