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I need help with the scenario Shadow of the Stranger

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So I get to the third and last chapter without any problems. It says there's a black cloud approaching and heading to the safehouse where your friends are (Gwynethh -spelled wrong?) So I go there and there's just darkness. It eventually teleports me to the stranger and I get the dialogue and he kills me and supposeddly respawns your party, but without items. However, I get the popup you get when you normally die instead of what the maker of the scenario intended - that I not really die.


Sorry for the wall of text but if someone can help I'd appreciate it.

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Unfortunately, Ormus's work on Blades of Exile, while mostly good, has caused respawning to break in his versions of BoE. Your only options are to play BoE on a Mac, or try to use the original, unedited BoE. Some say it doesn't work on XP or Vista, but it works on my XP and I've read others' posts saying it works on Vista as well. I guess it varies between computers, but you could give it a shot.


Here's the original BoE: http://ados.ermarian.net/BoX/OriginalWinBladesOfExile.zip

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I would, but I was informed that the original program is not open-source, just the source code. Someone would have to compile it from the source first, then it could be uploaded. I'm also told this is much more difficult for the Mac version, which requires Classic and some difficult-to-find programs.

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