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  1. I'm willing to pay someone to do this, since it sounds pretty technical.
  2. You could always join the military or work for the government (DOD, etc).
  3. I absolutely loved the sound that was made when attacking someone in the old version of Exile 2 on my macintosh (from the 90s). In the latest version of the released boe for windows, the sound for attacking people is really annoying. Is there any way to change it?
  4. Would you rather live from now onward without anyone from Earth in the most technologically advanced alien (organic or otherwise) civilization in existence, or stay on Earth for the rest of your life from now onward? The alien civilization is peaceful and has no chance of ever discovering Earth.
  5. [Log 02-182 of Technology Directer] {Dated: Second Galactic Rotation, Fifty-Second Spiral Rotation, One Hundred Fourteenth Solar Rotation, Four Billionth Planetary Rotation, Tenth Earth Month, Fifteenth Earth Day} Given the amount of statistical error guaranteed to exist in our calculations of the location of this habitable planet, we were quite surprised to find this planet these so called "Humans" named "Earth" to exist. I, acting as the head of all matters technological for the voyage for first contact, was instructed to advise the Pilot on the possible locations of Earth. It came as a shock to all on board when I announced that our ancestors' groundbreaking Theory of Symmetry was free of statistical probability and simply a universal law, like that of the "Third Law of Thermodynamics". I explained that Earth was one of just many planets to harbor life and that our mission would not be ending after our meeting with the human leaders. The Theory of Symmetry went so far as to be able to calculate the exact behavior of these humans, if we were to also calculate the values of the variables regarding another solar system some several million light years away. I realized earlier this voyage that were the Theory of Symmetry to be proven true, that my own clone would exist somewhere in the universe. I brushed aside that thought, however, as I knew that what was important was delivering our request to the humans. Our request to the humans was written by an underling crew member in our voyager. This underling had spent the entire voyage learning the literature from times old and times new of the different groups of humans. In our speech, we were to waste no time in giving an offer to the humans: they could be evolved to become part machine and part flesh like us, or we would leave them to their own devices and allow them to turn to ashes at the expansion of their local star. This was not a threat. We had learned of humanity's future through the Theory of Symmetry. Another species just like humans in a solar system opposite of where humans currently exist that existed several billion years ago during the second generation of stars had also become a space faring civilization. We knew all about what happened, and did not wish humans to meet the demise of their Twin. Our speech detailed one simple request from humanity, were we to bestow upon them the gift of ultimate technology. We asked that humans, upon their evolution, assist us in the discovery of even more species hidden in the vastness of space. The Theory of Symmetry calculated a group of species that had merged as one to develop the resources needed to create a tunnel into a younger universe. We hope to accomplish the same, but we need humanity's assistance. The humans, in their current primitive state, do not appreciate the immensity of Entropy. They know of it, but do not worry of it. The deadline for the creation of a new universe draws near, and so to does our ascent to Earth to deliver our thoughts... [End Log]
  6. I'm curious as to if anybody has gotten them working.
  7. I, for one, never made any New Years resolutions. I always break them...
  8. For years I have been pressured into trying harder beverages. I often knew that the sin of fizzy sodas would be on my horizon, for I am no prophet to disobey the commands of Satan. I took it upon myself to fill my stomach with the bubbling acidic goodness of the likes of sprite, cola, and mountain dew. The chocolate milk that once comforted me was now a minuscule portion of what I needed to survive. I began to drink more and more of these sodas until I knew I needed help. With the Lose Orangeade Lust (LOL) program, I began to lose my dependence on hard drinks. I am now 1 month sober of soda. This thread is for those who are still suffering from carbonism or have suffered like me and this is the place to ask for help or inspiration, or just tell your story. Good luck and god bless
  9. How about discarding the point system altogether? How about just having it set up like an oreo. Summary of things you liked. (1 paragraph) Summary of things you didn't like. (1 paragraph) Do you reccomend? If not, why? (1 paragraph)
  10. Rules to the game? How does this work.
  11. any of them, all of them, etc
  12. There were more spells and no caps for skills... I hated how empire archers were so damn good in E2 (and later)
  13. I started playing Avernum 2 and using my knowledge of the exile series to plan it out but I don't know if I should points in endurance etc and the fact I couldnt even lower some stats to boost other stats when making the beginning party further agitated me. How come I die in like 2 shots? And how come my mage cant make a fireball... im so confused
  14. I thought that the vahnatai were pretty cool until Exile 3 But the demons of exile 2 were the coolest edit: Garzahd was an interesting enemy
  15. After 5 years of off and on playing I've finally beat Exile 1,2,3. SHould I play Avernum 4 now or what?
  16. Rentar or bain or w/e ihrno (the last boss) is invulnerable... i read a guide and erikas amulet is supposed to activate by the pit but nothing happens... why?
  17. I've played enough to know what makes a good scenario and when I become dedicated I do a good job but how many people would play it? I know at least 2-3 people would but how much more?
  18. I know that... but how do I move on
  19. Kind of seems like a cliff hanger at the end.
  20. Wow, that was very, very weird. I loaded up Exile 1 with the saved game from the other newer version and was on the other side of the shareware chasm... Also, can't open dl link for E2
  21. Yes I use a keyboard on my laptop. And Numlock did the trick, I feel pretty silly now.
  22. I was going to make a thread just like this, how strange... Well, this is what I use for all games + BoE 3 fighters (pole because magic halberds do the most dmg) 2 magi (Major Blessing, Slow Group, and then fire ball or firestorm) 1 priest (Curse All and Revives) This set up owns all in my opinion. The Fighters can tank and take most of the damage.
  23. Exile 1, which I'm playing, was very hard to cope with. I hate only being able to move with my mouse, the sound is annoying. But since the story line's keeping me going, it's all good. I really want to play Exile 3.
  24. Exile 1, 2, or 3? I'm going to play Exile 1 + 3 completely and see what I think. I'll probably still like E2 the most.
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