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  1. Originally Posted By: Athenry Any chance of the trilogy ever getting open-sourced? Jeff himself has already said no.
  2. Okay I just realised I counted wrong because I counted each of the 4 sets of animations as 1 each. Ugh this is annoying. The terrain isn't actually much of a problem at all
  3. The Vahnatai are great. I always remember the time I thought I was a hard nut by starting a fight with them in their temple.
  4. Don't forget you can use the walkthrough in future to avoid this sort of thing. http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/575519/23841
  5. Front line in combat 1. Human - Figher (edged weapons) 2. Nephil - Figher / occasional Bowman 3. Slith - Figher (pole weapons) My back crew 4. Human - Mage 5. Human - Mage 6. Human - Priest I scatter all of the games skills a little between each one, for example always having one who is Highly alert, and one who is a woodsman. I name my characters over me and my pets
  6. yeah take in consideration that it is a custom scenario graphic, but it does look kinda slim for a giant.
  7. Just another general discussion! These sort of things aren't annoying are they? It can be anything in the game really.. I just really like the Nephilim because their graphics so cute. The one with the bow always use to make me think of my cat lol
  8. Originally Posted By: Ishad Nha The terrain types problem seems to be the bottleneck. A BoE Scenario can hold up to 256 different types of Terrain, and Exile 3 uses 287 in total. 31 pieces of Terrain would have to be taken out... Also I am pretty sure Exile 3 uses way more Scenario Event timers than BoE. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  9. In all fairness Avernum 1, 2 and 3 are just the same game stories remade with a better engine and better gaphics, and a few new things here and there.
  10. Originally Posted By: MacCentris EDIT: I checked and I have the latest version 1.0.3b thank you I have the windows version so sorry I could not help more. Mac is obviously quite buggy with this game.
  11. Lol I sent a check for the Exile trilogy.
  12. I know, everyone has to use it to heal themselves at times of desperate need, that's why it is there. I was forced to use it once or else I would have just lost the game due to everyone dying. Just not giving yourself all the spells or something. The Demo is still going to be V1.0 on Windows.
  13. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel I don't think using the editor could harm your game in any way. Not harm; ruin the fun of trying to earn the items, spells, skills or whatever in the game.
  14. If you haven't completed BoE yet, play all 3 Scenarios! (then everybody elses too) I'm guessing you probably have so.. It's your choice. If you really liked the demo of Avernum 4, then yeah. Nice achievement of completing all 3.
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