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  1. Try storing them in your soul crystal if you've got one because they're useful to have.
  2. This thread has been going on after nearly 2 years
  3. Originally Posted By: S M Adventurer Forgive me if I'm being daft, but I can't seem to find the spell Major Summoning in Exile 3. Where is this spell? I recall it can be learned from a spell book somewhere, but where is it? Look for it in the southern part of The Tower of Magi
  4. I think you can get it at southpoint lighthouse on the isle of bigal but I'm not sure (this is in exile 3 ruined world)
  5. Those empire archers were a pain but I used my magical powers to bring forth an all mighty demon horde to destroy them in an instint and I also used rakashasa to completely obliterate them into dusty remains
  6. Have you tried the orb of thralni
  7. I like enemy magic users because its fun to get into spell battles and summon powerful creatures that can destroy them in an instant and I was also fond of basilisk because of there petrification ability and I also liked rakashasi because of the way they absorbed spells and used it as an advantage over their enemies which could obliterate them and get turned into dusty remains and then they could just go over there and stamp the dust into the ground where it'll be forever buried deep within
  8. E3 because I liked how it was on the surface and not underground and I also think that the summoning spells are the best
  9. Ok thanks and I think I've got enough money to handle the bribes because I have the maximum amount which is 30000 gold pieces and thats from stealing, selling and looting
  10. Ok I finished the troglo/giants plague went and did the orb of thralni quest then I tried to get into Gale but it was locked up so I had to use the secret way to get in then I tried to talk to the mayor but for some odd reason a message appeared saying that he ignores me why is this happening can someone help?
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