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  1. Quote: Originally written by Dmknoiygba: Whatever happened to Publicly Displayed Name's text-based G2 editor? Dikiyoba has it, but doesn't remember where Dikiyoba got it from. http://www.geocities.com/pubdisname/ >_>
  2. Nope. In fact, if you ask them the same question once you know they are rogues, they say: "Master? We have no master. We follow those we choose to obey. But you know Litalia. Litalia and we follow the same creature. And we will not say who that is. You will learn soon enough."
  3. Shoot, that was supposed to say "Either let them go or kill them." If you still have the quest and want the loyalist reward, press shift+D and type "sdf 36 8 1".
  4. There's a group of 3 serviles in the zone north of Ft. Wilton (S. Dhonal Road, I believe). Say "That is all I want to know. Goodbye.", then talk to them again. Either talk to them or kill them. (killing them gets you more exp and a reward)
  5. Check your quest log. Have you completed the Get Equipment quest?
  6. Quote: As with the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know. Actually, I've heard that someone did an experiment to discover the secret of Tootsie Pops, but I forget how many licks they came up with.[/QB] This page is full of lies , as we all know the answer is three.
  7. Quote: Originally written by MagmaDragoon: You did the right thing. After give the journal back to Morgan return to Komoa. She will became mad, and if you kill her she will give you her reward. Why would you want to do that? You lose out on exp and gain nothing.
  8. Komoa at the west entrance of Gull North Docks, quest reward is a Runed Jade Necklace. She'll only appear if you've aided her at the Bulwark Inn, though. [Edit]: The good news is that she doesn't actually take the journal halves, so you can get both rewards.
  9. Press Shift+D. Type "sdf 81 8 0". Should allow you to read the spellbook again.
  10. Actually meant the location of the book. It's simple to change the flag to make the book unread, but I'll need its location.
  11. Looks like you need to get the General to mobilize the Shaper army in order for the door to open. [Edit]: Ah, I see the door you're talking about. That one opens only when the drayk is killed, but if you enter from the east, that door should only require the army mobilization.
  12. Deleted the graphic for the wall and, looks like a pool of water to me.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Walter: There was some nephil bandit in the great cave that had "half-breed" in his name, and when you first see him the text that pops up describes him as looking almost like a human. Randolph Halfbreed. "You come face to face with an enormous nephar. He is a peculiar-looking creature. His fur is thin and missing in patches, and his face is peculiar. It almost looks human. His arms are tattooed with strange symbols, and his claws are long and tipped with steel spikes. He is truly a fearsome creature. Then, when he sees who you are, he lets out a long, hideous
  14. 1. Agatha and co. get whacked as soon as Khyryk is dead. 2. According to the FAQ, pressing Shift+D and typing "sdf 79 4 0" will make Icy End friendly again.
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