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  1. Ah, thank you. So he was actually in the Murkhala mines. From the in-game text I somehow expected to find him in the region around the mines, on the overland map.
  2. I havn't found it, despite walking all over the Murkhala region several times. Can somebody give me a hint where I need to look?
  3. Well, I checked it with the Steam/Windows Version yesterday - Flawless shot and Blinding Shot both use Dex + Bows Skill, but are completely unaffected by whatever ranged weapon you equip. So with 40 Dex and 20 Bows Skill, you get 67D5 (201 average) damage out of Flawless shot and 67D6 (235 average) Damage from Blinding Shot. Which of course is still less than you get out of two normal attacks with the first expidition bow, which should end up at 2*85D3 = 340 average Damage. So Adrenaline Rush remains the best option to deal damage. Thats as long as the tooltips are accurate. Never test
  4. 20 to 60 would seem strange, it should be 20 to 100. Which Version of the Game are you playing? In any way, Flawless Shot works strangely. It takes the number of Damage Dice for your Bows Skill (Never Thrown Weapons), adds your Dexterity and annother 7, and then does this number of d5 in Damage. Since Bows are only d3 (but usually +10 or +20, and with some damage-dice of their own) this skill can start doing a lot of damage at very high Dex/Bows Values, but for the early game and thrown weapons users, it is indeed very useless. And when you finaly have a lot of dice in this skill, you
  5. And I would play it on Android, if it existed for Android. Avadon is clearly the best game, for my style, available on it. Even if everything is a little tiny on my 7''.
  6. That is probably more of a problem for the Microsoft Support Hotline, not so much for this forum. Or you try to locate the crash report files, and try to figure out the problem for yourself. At the very least, you might want to post it into the Spiderweb Tech Support forum thread instead of the game discussion thread. Personally, the game never crashed for me in my >80 hours of play-through.
  7. That situation actually made me laugh when I figure it out. It is a variation of an old riddle, where one of them would have said "The left is safe" telling the truth, and the other would have said "The right is safe" telling a lie, and then you would have had to ask a more complex question to rat out the truth. But in this case, one tells you the truth about "The left is dangerous", the other tells you a lie about "The right is safe". One tells the truth, one lies, and still both seem to agree. So, it is a riddle, a rather clever one at that, and you have to choose not to choose.
  8. If you just plunder all towns in the north-east, including both Dranlon and Draco, you get the shovels (and everything for the follow-up quests) wiothout any fight.
  9. Wands and scrolls only use 3 AP? No there is a relevant information that I did not know about. That actually makes them significantly better than I thought so far.
  10. Do your casters already have lightning spray at level 3? That might add the DoT.
  11. Ok, just did a little testing. My theories stated above are correct, taking the trait 3 times will increase the summons chances to hit and to evade by 30%(=3x10%) each. At the same time, Hard mode will decrease those values for you and your summons by 25% and torment mode will decrease each by 50%. So in torment the summon with 3 traits is still weaker than in normal without traits. But hey, so is your player. Also, the general evade rates of summons near the endgame seem to be only slightly lower than those of a DEX character, definitly worlds above a STR or INT character. On Normal
  12. Originally Posted By: H+ It's not that you should disbelieve everything by default, but you should remain aware of the potential of flawed information, especially in personal testimonies. Again, such testimony is not without value, but should also not be relied upon entirely or accepted without at least the acknowedgment of the possibility of misleading or incorrect information. That you're basing your position off of this one source is not the best endorsement for it. I am basing my opinion on all my personal experiences and all relevant information that I am aware of. I am mentioning on
  13. Mmh, well, as I understand it 5 levels should mean +25% hit and evade chance per pick, so +75% hit and evade with three picks. Basically that should make your summons always (=95%) hit and always evade at normal difficulty. Maybe I find some time to test and proof it this weekend.
  14. Originally Posted By: poor Earth, caught in the middle —Alorael, who would also take these interviews with a grain of salt. The professors' anecdotal experiences are not data. It is points of data. Given a sufficient sample size, determined by the laws of statistics, it becomes data. Unless you can suggest an automated measurement system that quantifies and records discrimination of women, asking a group of women for their experience is about the only thing you can do. Originally Posted By: poor Earth, caught in the middle They may not perceive discrimination but still suffer from it
  15. Originally Posted By: xuerebx I'm more concerned that they never hit anything. Useless, except for soaking up damage for one round or two (then they die). The thing you are missing is the fact that there is a trait that you can take 3 times, which will increase the summons level by 2 each time. The way summon/monster level work (as far as I understand it), is that 6 level will give them 30% hit and evade chances, on top of some extra-HP. On normal this is sufficient to push them from useless to usefull. On torment probably not. That is assuming that you will use a summon-spell appropriat
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