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  1. why did you steal MY name, over anyone elses? this could get confusing..
  2. YES YES YES! happy dance,happy dance,hap, hap, happy dance, dance anyway, i was literaly wating for this to happen, but went on vacation
  3. im out. i always have something come up and i cant make it. want him, have him.
  4. The Ninjas Doom


    hey Jumaj welcome to the spiderweb software forums! leave your sanity at the door!
  5. Originally Posted By: ripfengor You know, the moment he said "DOOM" all I was expecting was.. well.. doom. And look what he hath spawned. actualy, i didnt post at all here before you said somthing so now dooms here (not my first post at the forums, but in this one)
  6. the fourh one. i've bean trying to mess with the abilities.
  7. i've been tring to make the person you play as a drakon. i've got the graphic down but i cant make it use drakon fire no matter what i try. help would be appreciated
  8. just so you know im still checking and it takes awile to get here from general. consider this a reminder.
  9. Originally Posted By: darth vader luke, i am your father. star wars: empire strikes back
  10. Originally Posted By: Daisy Munchkin my sanity. you are supost to leave that at the door
  11. Quote: this is my first post . this is your first post? welcome to the spiderweb software forums! leave your sanity at the door!
  12. Quote: Well one thing that makes me consider a wireless mouse is that the computer in question (a laptop) only has USB ports on the left side of the computer, and I am right handed. That makes dragging a cord under/over/around/through the computer a hassle. For anyone that has a wireless mouse, how long do you batteries last? How old is your mouse? how is the signal strength? and does the signal interfere with other electronic devices (i.e. phones, speakers)? Does anyone have an opinion on laser versus optical mice? 1: at least a year or so, depends on the battery. 2: the mouse is I think 1 year old. 3: the signal is good unless you want to go to the other side of the room.(in other words, it can go as far as (i think) you want.) 4: yes, but ever so slightly. 5:i dont know the difference. side note: im left handed but use the mouse with my right hand
  13. Quote: For those of you who use wireless mice: what kind of batteries do you use and how long do they last before needed to be changed? I am using these and only have to change them once every three to four months. Is that good or bad? pretty bad. im useing one of those duracell batteries and it lasted at least a year (it gave out today)
  14. every game i have ever played burns another hole in my brain about said games, and leave some room so other things fit in the same hole. and im not saying that this is bad, it is actualy pretty good. except when the game is bad, that is.
  15. well... at my old Village we had an octoberfest in september every year and there wasnt any alcohol
  16. Quote: From your description it sounds like the game Fate, which RCCL mentioned. I kinda like Fate, but it is repetitive enough that I can't stay occupied with it for too long. fate has the worst plot i've saw (go here and kill that is all there is to do plot wise) but other than that it has a decent good amount of getting there. then theres killing it which, uhh, isn't vary easy (unless, you cheat. ALOT) and most of the elements of the game are the same except there are guns in torchlight and there are bows in Fate(dont me on that last part im a little rusty on the details)
  17. thats a nice bathroom you got there,Lilith.
  18. i like these so much that i come out of general to read them
  19. Quote: No scones or biscuits? You Americans sure know how to mess up tea, is all I'm saying. i know. and we dont make it good eather (in terms of brewing)
  20. wow! and i drinktat every day! who would of thought! did you know that play ing jeffs games makes you more alert focist and prodoctive for a month and 1 day?
  21. now i know i can do this, well most of the times, anyway.
  22. i would like to do this, but i need to find out when the times are so i can see if i can make it.
  23. on the edit dantius made you have not offended me yet and doing so would make the world end. probobly.
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