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  1. Nice Velzan and though I cant find a walkthrough, I looked but no pickle
  2. Where does that kid go after the spire or doent he ever show up again?
  3. Where are the Crafter people like the people that make stuff out of fine skin and steel too?
  4. Where is the artifact orb thing up river from almaria slith or nephil lands?
  5. Wow did it again just accidentaly figured it out that was gruteskly deviantly hard like every turn he summons 2 shades weird. I like the end when the spirits rip out his soul though that was worth it for that
  6. How do you defeat Noctodius? just keep fighting him?
  7. Cool thanks nice pic too
  8. Can you hire people like in the frist avernum? can you delete them and can you change people?
  9. Found him by accident haha walking around trying to find that lady and oops special encounter sorta.
  10. What are the numbers for the items like item239 is like knowledge thing what are the rest is there a list its just cool to have anything at your finger tips haah
  11. Where is Herwin, the guy from the fissure post told me to look for his son now, weird family haha, im guessing the hint was to the abyss im going to look in Bargha after that I have no clue.
  12. When do I get a boat is it after the spy castle guys first set of missions?
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