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  1. I would love for "Avadon 3" to have more mission for varying party sizes. It's nice to have all companions united at the end, but it'd be amazing to have a larger group best a dragon or an army at some point. With specific missions designed to be played by larger groups, or smaller groups for that matter, the player would have to adjust more instead of using the same three characters and recurring tactics all the time. In my opinion, that alone would do a lot to produce a more variable gameplay experience. Also, I think vitality should regenerate, but slowly. Maybe only a few points for thrashing mobs and not using any skills. Because I find that I am saving up on vitality a lot instead of just playing around with the skills. It never gets to the point where I am running out of vitality in a critical situation (does that happen to anyone?), it just means that I'll auto-attack more, which makes combat longer and more repetitive.
  2. I figured, killing Gryfyn once would do... well, you never know. But it's always nice to meet some familiar faces. And have them lie to you. A pity by the way that you never get to meet some of the old Hands from Avadon 1.
  3. Actually, I agree with Soul of Wit, the order in which you do quests is not as relevant for the difficulty (as it also depends on your builds and party) e.g. the bleak chance to hit anything in the early game or have any valid arsenal against most monsters. I have no problem with the too-difficult-swing-back-later idea of the dungeons, but I would only wish for slightly more consistency in difficulty. If the game stays real hard on hard difficulty, hey, no problem. But on Normal and Hard, you will suffer way more casualties in the early game. At least the Eastern Gallery, as it is the first area of the game should have slightly simpler foes. Apart from that and to possibly get away from that difficult topic, I hate controlling the boats. Is it meant to be that way? The hardship and torment of controlling a skiff on an underground river? Because I keep bumping into the coasts or waiting for my boat to arrive, only noticing my cave navy has once again steered into a rock.
  4. Considering cons, I still think that the worst part of the game (a great game as it is) is that it starts out fairly difficult and then gradually gets easier, whereas I think it should be the other way around. I mean, it's a good feeling to get past the first area and gain strength, but at some point, you can just waltz through Avernum and in the early game, you won't be able to hit much anything and Magic won't help much either, because you won't be past a few basic spells and Sliths are pretty tough in their fire defenses and you can't have Priests smite them all the time, because a priest might need to do some healing as well. And as the story definitely gets more interesting over the course of the game, I think the difficulty should be slightly more consistent.
  5. After spending so much time with my party I would have welcomed it to struggle them to death myself, fending off wave after wave of Empire soldiers, until after a few minutes, I'd just be drowned in guards. That would have felt more heroic, than just reading about it. Using all equipment and spell points until there's nothing left and dying heroically instead of just reading about it. Anyone feel the same? PS: I also suggest that some text announces that you're not going to walk out of the throne room alive, so as to make sure, people don't feel frustrated. I just feel, that playing it, would have made for a more martyrical end.
  6. I'm feeling incredibly stupid about this: But I can't figure out how to get anywhere. I have the Stone Key, I collected from the Battlefield, I just seem to have no idea where to put it. As soon as I tumble down the bridge, I get to explore that second level a bit but I have no idea how to open the gates to the south, which I presume I have to... I'm sorry, but I'm feeling enormously stupid about it and after wandering around the dungeon for hours, my party is becoming suicidal.
  7. Actually, that is a nice idea. Also, it might help to sort the quests by making a difference between major and minor quests in the list. But besides being harder than Avernum 6 and definitely Avadon, the open world does its part, too. It's kind of hard to figure out, where you're supposed to go next (partly because there is no definite answer), so I had to trial-and-error my way through large parts of the game. I still majorly enjoy Avernum, but it's a bit weird to die a lot in the beginning of a game and find it getting gradually easier as you keep playing. Also, as mentioned in another thread, the game actually makes it pretty simple for you to screw up you're entire party, the skill system's great if you know what you're doing. But just trying things out... not so much fun. You'll wind up with being able to hit enemies very scarcely.
  8. Also, Shadowwalker and Blademaster can cast Healing Spelly, especially the blademastered Healing is powerful, as it adds Regeneration at higher levels. Using them rather soon than late is always helpful in saving potions. Also if you get killed a lot, you can still change the difficulty in the Prefereces mid-game, so you might switch to an easier difficulty. And having the Heal Self and Group Heal Scarabs equipped doesn't hurt, either.
  9. I think it might not be entirely unlikely for Redbeard to be actual a Farlander, mocked in his childhood for his heritage (much like Napoleon), but hungry for a power that the crumbling empire he lives in on his parents farm can no longer grant, he grows ambitious and leaves, reinvents himself and ultimately overcompensates, as if serving the Pact more loyal than any Pact citizen could cleanse his blood from the shame of being a Farlander. Poor miserable Redbeard.
  10. Also you could just hold the shift button to find people of interest, everyone's names will pop up when you press shift, which makes finding people easier. Also, do all the quests, if you come back at a higher level, you might find thrashing tons of lowlevel beasts uninspiring, whereas it's still fun, when you do it at the right time.
  11. I personally vouch for the regaining of health, because seriously, running around until you meet the gates of a friendly town, which would magically restore your health, is annoying. And it's not much fun. Health has to be restored somehow, I think regeneration over a course of time is a fair deal. I definitely like this better than running around Avernum.
  12. I believe one reason why opening and closing the inventory with 'i' doesn't work (although I am also in favour of this) is that all items on ground are assigned a letter so that pressing 'i' would pick up item 'i', given there are enough items on the ground.
  13. Also archery is quite important when you can't physically reach your target, which will occur quite often simply because your some of your characters tread around seemingly enjoying the perimeter while other party members engage the front lines. And an arrow can save you from wasting a round without damage or using a scarab ability. Which in my opinion makes archery useful. Although I admit that on my first playthrough I went for Call of the Frenzy because Battle Frenzying the entire party equals good thing.
  14. I believe that whatever you say doesn't matter much, I've tried a few dialogue options and I think that they all ended in her trying to bash your head in.
  15. That was quick. Thanks, I figure this might save me from hours of exploring every bookshelf in Avadon.
  16. Hi, I have a short question out of narrative curiosity: I found books on the Eye Leira and Heart Miranda betraying their partners to Redbeard. Is there a similar tome for Hand Callan, that I missed or was she in fact Redbeard-loyal from the start?
  17. I really liked the morality of the entire game, the political dimension and the idea of really considering what consequences any action will have and how Avadon makes you go through really tough breaks just messing with your head and doing terrible things. The big question: Will you change the company or will the company change you? I really enjoyed that. Also, the game is just player-friendlier than Avernum 6. Re-Training, the Junk Bag, Characters heal after Combat, the Map system, it just really took away lots of annoying walking to and fro. Also, the fighting and spell system was much more fun (I'd rather wait for a few turns on my best attacks than blast through a group of enemies performing my nuclear blast area attacks twice a round). And still, the humour I appreciate so much about the Spiderweb Games, is still there and that makes for a lot of relief during the game. Great Game, even though the World's a bit small. And what's with the mullet on Sevelin, seriously?
  18. I just finished Redbeard (with a party of five) and it was still pretty exhausting (I shouldn't have wasted as much energy (and equipment) on Zephryne, the Duke, Beloch and the likes. A good way to survive is to equip every team member with enough supplies to stay hasted and battle frenzied throughout. What really worked out pretty well for me, was my Blademaster, Sevelin and Jenell staying outside, delaying Redbeard, while Shima and Nathalie were in one Guardian room each, downing the health of all four Soul Jars down to practically nothing so that I could take them all out in one swing and hit Redbeard with all I've got. And as he can only create one new Guardia every other round (at least on Normal difficulty), this worked out pretty well.
  19. Hi, does anyone else experience the following minor bug in Avadon? It's nothing essential, it just struck me as kinda weird: When you have your party around running through any area, you can rearrange the characters by opening the statistics and clicking UP or DOWN. This however does not seem to work when being IN the Black Fortress, because neither UP nor DOWN appears on the statistics screen, except it really does work, because when you click on the spot where the words are supposed to be, the characters will shift up or down in the party arrangement. Again, nothing critical, but maybe something that could be fixed in future updates.
  20. Yes, the money is definitely worth the game. When you come from the Euro zone, the game is almost free due to the exchange rate ;-) And the full version is hours and hours of fun! I personally enjoy the witty dialogues a lot and Avernum is a game that has irony. A very good choice, indeed.
  21. Melanchion can also be defeated in a long and tough fight, at least this works on Normal difficulty. Because he corners himself, for some reason, and can be slowly taking down by arrows and magic, as long as you can defend yourself against the demons that'll keep coming, you should do just fine. Doing it this way, you only have to use invulnerability potions on one character at a time, as long as you always attack in the same order. Melanchion will only Death Curse the last attacker.
  22. You'll notice the webs in the tunnels, I think there is even a message about it.
  23. You don't technically have to clear out everything anyway, your quest is to get the papers, so you might as well, bash in, kill what's in your way, ignore the rest, finish the heist and then run like hell. If you're just looking for vengeance, you might have to wait for a while and blame on some other imps. There'll be enough imps for your blades.
  24. Also, sumomned creatures help, obviously, because that way, your group has even more attacks in one round and a better chance at downing the masses.
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