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  1. If you are pro shaper and use too many canisters
  2. Canister usage affects the endings of all but the last geneforge. In the first it it less of an impact but I heard it was 3 or less to get the no canister ending(haven't done it myself as the computer I was playing it on died). Using the canisters in geneforge 3 doesn't have much impact on the rebel ending from what I can tell but if you use too many for the shaper ending the shapers kill you although yes the change is minor. Hoever as you are playing (with the exception of G5), using too many canisters limits your dialogue options. I'd like to see more impact on the endings from canister usage for geneforge 1 and more variation on geneforge 3's ending.
  3. try doing geneforge 1 as a missile agent using only 3 canisters, GO!
  4. Oh does anyone else miss how living tools worked in the first game? You could use some living tools then finish opening the last bit with the unlock spell.
  5. In geneforge 2 the normal daze spell being single target was annoying, can't remember is strong daze was an AoE spell though in that game. I've been replaying it but not at the point that I could learn strong daze.
  6. We see NPC shapers shaping in combat all the time, so it's definitely not unheard of in the geneforge world. There are a number of unstable creation types in geneforge which typically decay out of combat and every turn of combat. NPC shapers shape stable creations in combat, at least let us shape the unstable charged varieties in combat because that's the only time they are really useful.
  7. If we are talking geneforge remakes, one really annoying balance issue in gene forge 5 is acid/poison and the largely nerfed cure spell. This was seriously very annoying.... /rant Ok, now for stuff I'd love to see in remakes: - updated engine for all the games, so they are all the same engine. - More books to learn skills in geneforge , specifically in the old school it would make sense if a few spell books got left behind/left intact. -- Add the stealth mechanic to G1-3. - Alwan and Greta as real characters with inventory/able to use gear (non-sellable/non-droppable Alwan's sword though I'd think because he would not abandon it XD). - Ability to pick which of the spells greta knows for her to use. - Different text if you play as a servile from the shaper side at least in G4-5. - More different endings for G3, this game is so very binary. - Battle disciplines for guardians and later the rebel weapon type users (based on your level in the weapon skills) -Oh and the ability to shape in combat even if you can only shape unstable variants in combat. Geneforge 5 mini rant: - Geneforge 5 acid damage, and weak cure spell. plus everything dealing acid damage.... even when it didn't seem to make sense for them to do so. Lightning projectile but applying acid? (and acid damage being higher then earlier games?) - Aslo in geneforge 5, why are we never able to do the dangerous act of telling other shapers that Rawl has a geneforge.... even if you join their factions. I mean you could make this have someone try and assassinate you for it but I think we should be able to throw it in his face. He's so mean that you just want to give him a good punch in the face. /rant ok the last 2 were geneforge 5 specific but I think I covered the main points of the series that I'd like to see in a remake.
  8. You are inspirational Chessrook44!! Time to get screen capture software setup and do my own let's plays! But as ranged characters or something for Geneforge and then go from there. Love the ranged characters Also heard from celticminstrel that you might be doing nether gate resurrection next?
  9. Looks good celticminstrel, If you want me to help you with any bug testing I'd be glad to help.
  10. yeah I know so that means not me but it would be cool still if there was one.
  11. this is pretty cool! Would be fun if there was a blades of gene forge as it were
  12. A bit behind on watching your videos, but looks great as always
  13. Interesting class choice. When I completed geneforge 4 I did it as a shock trooper, got rather rough at the end though. With all the high tier creations being highly vulnerable to cold... Still between my war thrall, wingbolt, gazer and my baton skills I could usually kill cold based monsters fast enough t not die if I was careful.
  14. interesting, Well you are definitely getting a different ending then I got, but I'm curious as to what it actually will be. Icy end was hostile to me and I had to kill off the whole town...
  15. True it could be due to canister usage. On my latest play through I didn't use a single canister so that could have something to do with it.
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