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  1. On Windows, the Exile games stored all of their sprites in the game folder (usually C:\EXILE or possible C:\Program Files\EXILE). Navigate to this folder and there will be, amongst other things, some BMPs. If you are running a 64 bit version of Windows, Exile will not install (no support for 16-bit). In this case, there is a possibility, but it may not work and would be quite a hassle. On 64-bit versions of windows, it is still possible to run 32-bit OSs on virtual machines, but it would require the installation of virtual machine software, a 32-bit OS (if you can't get Windows 32-bit, use Linux and try to run it in WINE (I vaguely remember having trouble trying to install Exile with Wine in vitrual 32-bit ubuntu)). If this doesn't work, then there might be some on the Internet (most would be for BoE, though).
  2. According to a poorly sourced article that anybody can edit; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Avernus, avernus derives from ancient Greek awornos (with w being some obsolete letter called "digamma") (modern aornos), meaning birdless (which I wildly speculate to be a cognate with aviary and aviator), as it was believed that it emitted poisonous fumes which would kill any birds unfortunate enough to fly over it. EDIT: Sorry, Harehunter, I should've read your reference. It basically is a more detailed version of what I just posted. Perhaps I should add it as a reference in that Wikipedia article.
  3. Originally Posted By: Angered_Lizardman jobx Well, I guard things. I'm a guard, you see. Guarding. Yep, that's what I do. --- Suppository? Originally Posted By: Tor Gunston "For new arrivals. Which you aren't."
  4. Originally Posted By: Master1 I have "language" going to human, not communication. Human ends up going to philosophy. Ditto I got this: C18H30O2---Chemical formula---Atom---Matter---Physical body---Physics---Natural science---Science---Knowledge---Information---Order theory---Mathematics---Quantity---Property (philosophy)---Modern philosophy---Philosophy
  5. As you can see here, every musician is a one-hit wonder or a zero-hit "wonder". Originally Posted By: Slartucker (In a non-rhotic accent, Slarty sounds wrong) NEU! NIEUW!
  6. I prefer VBBÞreads-Dark, especially on the forum lists. I dunno, it just looks better. I would prefer it if the logo was transparent, but I rarely look at it. However, I am sometimes bothered by the avatars which are just something on a white background. I'm not going to name names. Not even if þuryliliþ and angered lizardman try to drag it out of me with wild horses. EDIT I just remembered that smilies donˇt show up on dark. I may consider going to coffee...
  7. Originally Posted By: Thuryl I'm not sure of the exact details of the UK proposal, but in most Australian elections it doesn't count as a valid vote unless you've numbered every candidate. I'm sorry for going off topic, but I would just like to point out to those living outside Australia that that quote applies only the lower house (in which there are usually about 6 candidates per electorate). The Upper house elections use the STV system, rather than IRV and that one can either pick a single group (party or random list of independents) above the line, or rank every single candidate (there are about 50 per state) below the line. There is no way to simply rank each party. The results take weeks to come in and people don't pay much attention to the Senate, as all of the good debates and newsworthy politicians are representatives. I have an idea for the voting system, but I do not have time to give details. I will edit this post later with the details if my proposal. EDIT: In my opinion, the Senate is unnecessary, although should technology allow it without risk of vote-tampering, I do believe it could be replaced with some form of direct democracy, although then, what is the point of having a lower house? Until then, I believe that the house of representatives should be elected by a proportional system in which the entire country is a single electorate and voters may rank their parties in order of how much power they want them to have. It should be a list-based system, in which the people vote for a list of candidates released by the party (the method of selecting said candidates may vary from party to party, but with primaries, one runs the risk of sabotage from supporters of opposing parties). The list will be ordered from most to least important, so if a party gets 123 seats, then the first 123 people on the list will get the seats. The #1 candidate of the party with the largest number of seats becomes PM, the 2nd candidate becomes deputy, the third becomes and the next few (in this case few == number of departments) are just plain ministers (there will be no set order of departments). It would be good if there was a system in which people vote for the percentage of seats each party should get, thus giving people the freedom to vote in more ways such as "I want a hung parliament" or "I want A to be in government but I want C in opposition rather than B". Unfortunately, this system would make it very difficult for independents and parties without enough candidates to fill parliament.
  8. I voted "Long Obsolete". 5 years old, WinXP home, 80GB HDD (7GB free), GeForce 6200 (the best AGP card I could find), a FLOPPY DRIVE, 768MB RAM, 2.8 GHz CPU (only 1 core) 1 faulty keyboard 1 SD monitor It amazes me how rapidly technology becomes obsolete.
  9. I do no know how to fix this, but perhaps DamAgatha is saying that the black borders (which separate the sprites on the sprite sheets) are appearing in-game.
  10. I recently downloaded the demo of the Windows version of Avernum VI: The Blight. When I was ran the installer, I was asked to agree to a license agreement. While skimming through it, I came across a paragraph which confused me. I had seen it before, (while installing Mr Vogel's previous games) but I haven't got around to asking this until now. I was under the impression that none of his games had a time limit which prevented users from playing the demos after a certain period of time. Then I saw a paragraph in the EULA which suggested that there was a time limit - albeit an unenforced one - of 30 days. The paragraph which suggested that follows (from the EULA of Avernum III: Ruined World). Quote: 3. Termination. This License is effective until terminated. You may terminate this License at any time by destroying the Software and related documentation and all copies thereof. This License will terminate thirty (30) days after receipt of the Software, unless the Software is registered with Spiderweb with appropriate compensation and registration information. This License will terminate immediately without notice from Spiderweb if you fail to comply with any provision of this License. Upon termination you must destroy the Software and related documentation and all copies thereof. I thank you in advance for your help.
  11. Thank you very much for your help, Niemand. It was the corescendada one.
  12. Does anyone know how can i find out the statistics of a non-custom NPC?
  13. I think you also have to show the rune to Berra in Fort Emergence. But that's in Avernum 3 and it might be different in Exile 3.
  14. I listen to Gameplay03.ogg and Wesnoth-2.ogg. These are used in the game Battle for Wesnoth . Just search in the folder called Battle for Wesnoth or Wesnoth or Wesnoth 1.2.0 or something for a music folder. NOTE: Windows media player can't play *.ogg files so you must use VLC Media Player or JetAudio.
  15. Uranium bars also exist in A2 and do the same thing as in A3. If you don't have Pyrrhic gauntlets, drop (or decurse with a healer and sell) it. If you have Pyrrhic gauntlets, decurse them if you are wearing them and drop them.
  16. Don't be surprised if it does not happen on day 160. It happend on day 161 on my computer and on Rache's Avernum 3 site it says that it could happen from day 160 to day 163. By the way, the alien beasts desyroyed the towns before the game starts.
  17. It didn't work for me in Erika's tower. My party kept going in other directions.EDIT: SORRY FOR POSTING INAN OLD TOPIC
  18. Quote: Originally written by VCH: Yes killing her is the point, a boring point, but nonetheless a necessity. Do it! Do it!! If you kill her it would SPOILER! because SPOILER! If you want to kill her SPOILER! To see the spoilers, move your cursor over the spoiler and look at the bottom of the screen.
  19. When you make spoilers, I don't think it should be done how you did it Bookworm. NOTE: The spoilers in this post are NOT!! real spoilers Better: SPOILER! Worse SPOILER! Spoiler Text.
  20. Shouldn't this thread be moved to the general forums. A5 is NOT A4. Well at least I hope it isn't A4. Quote: If you don't want Blades to die, don't laugh off potential designers This is an idea for A5 not BoE.
  21. I didn't say that I was going to make my scenario R. I said that I thought that Little Billy Sue was right about R and gruesome murders. I want to play my own scenario without my mother looking at my computer all the time.
  22. Maybe a massive cavequake should occour in Avernum, killing several people, causing chasms to appear everywhere due to the cave floors falling into the Vhanatai lands and undiscovered caves far below Avernum and destroying supplies. And the two tribes of Vhanatai that were once the Olgai Tribe, will fight wach other in Avernum, and the lack of supplies causes ordinary people to become bandits and steal from everyone.
  23. Quote: Originally written by Little Billy Sue: G, PG, and R are the American content ratings. (There's also PG-13, but Jeff left it out of BOE). G means General Audiences (Completely clean, everyone admitted) PG means Parental Guidance (Almost harmless, maybe a couple of fart jokes or something) and R is Restricted (Adult material, no one under 17 admitted without accompanying parent or guardian). See MPAA Note that this is pretty outdated; PG is basically the new G, and 8-year olds are allowed to see PG-13 movies with no protest. That is not what I am talking about. Quote: In general, your basic BOE scenario is PG. If there's no combat at all and a happy-fun-bunnies plot, it's probably G. If you've got several gruesome murders, it's probably R. However, scenario designers tend to overrestimate gore; Spears or Falling Stars are PG in my opinion, but they're rated R. That what I am talking about but VoDT (Valley of Dying Things is not a "happy-fun-bunnies" plot but it is G. But you are probably right about R. And I don't play Falling Stars or Spears and I won't for a while because I don't want my Mother looking at my computer just because I am playing one of those scenarios.
  24. I am creating some BoE scenarios. Although I am only beginning to create my scenarios, I would like to know what I should set the content rating to. Could someone please tell me how to work out a scenario's content rating. A content rating is like G, PG, M, MA and R in Australia. In Spiderweb Software it is G, PG and R. WARNING: IRRELLAVENT NOTE! In Australia, G means general public (everyone) PG means parental guidance recommended for people under 15, M means reccomended for mature audiences (Reccomended for people 15 & over) MA means mature accompanied (This is restricted and means that if you are under 15 you must be accompanied by an adult to see it) R means Restricted and you MUST be 18 (the age of consent in Australia) or over
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