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  1. No problem. Here is a build of master on 10.12. The UI feels a little glitchy -- sometimes dialogs aren't visually updated in response to clicks or typing -- but it's playable. This seems to be mostly an issue when UI scaling is enabled, but I noticed it happening with text fields in the scenario editor, too.
  2. Is the problem with providing builds for later macOS versions simply due to not having access to the appropriate OS versions to build on? I was able to successfully build on 10.12. I didn't do extensive testing but it seems to run. Or is there some underlying compatibility issue I'm missing? If not, I'd be glad to provide up-to-date binaries.
  3. I might be reading pc_record_type wrong, but it looks like traits are stored as an array of 15 chars, each of which can be 0 or 1. That means traits are being stored using 15 bits out of 120. It shouldn't be necessary to break backwards compatibility -- there's no practical limit to the number of choices you can encode in that space. In the day, people used to offer packaged parties with skillsets suited to a scenario. It's worth considering that -- you could reserve a few hundred traits for players (more than you'll ever use), and then populate another set available for scenario designers which grant basic mechanical advantages. Hell, if you could get scripting nodes to check for the existence of those traits, you could do some pretty interesting things.
  4. I don't think you'd be able to find any quotes from me suitable for this. I was always lovable and polite.
  5. I demand to be removed from the chart on the basis that it could theoretically allow Kelandon to track me down and exist within several miles of me. I have an allergy, to skeevy Internet dudes. Also, I object to being linked in any way to Sah David, either head of the Australo-fundie ettin, Zeviz, Alorael, or Thuryl, who's the worst of them all, also.
  6. Quote: we'd basically all circle around Rosycat. Oh, Kel. In more ways than one. Alec and I did not meet in person before Spiderweb, so that green should be black.
  7. Uh, the last "Win16" operating system was Windows 3.1. Windows 95 and its successors all are 32-bit operating systems using the Win32 API. Windows 95, 98, and ME still have DOS lurking under the covers (although less and less as time went on); Windows NT/2000/XP/etc. do not. That's the distinction. GF4 probably requires at least Windows 2000 because (and this is a guess) it probably needs a version of DirectX not supported on previous iterations of the operating system. I understand it also stores game data in user profile directories rather than in its own directory, which suggests that it was developed for NT-series versions of Windows.
  8. Yeah, that saves a few node types, as well as uncountable nodes per chain. Good thinking.
  9. So will there be new nodes to populate this array, increment and decrement its values, etc? I mean, I like the idea, but how many nodes will it cost? In addition, couldn't we find a way to allow the value of SDFs to be used instead? That seems potentially more powerful, and there are already nodes in place to manipulate those. At the very least, I'd want to be able to load the value of an SDF into a pointer slot, and vice versa. At which point you'd really have more of a really large register system.
  10. I believe I've tracked down the cause of the 100-town crashing bug in Windows BoE. http://pygsys.com/wiki/oboe/?FrontPage Could someone with a working build setup for WinBlades test the fix for me?
  11. That list of reserved rights is invalid and legally troublesome enough to render the code dangerous to use, even without the CPL. It's certainly incompatible with every known open source license, because it puts restrictions on the end user's right to license his or her own creations as he or she sees fit.
  12. I really do advise avoiding SourceForge. It's slow, it's inferior, and their tech support is tremendously poor. If you need a ticket system, I'd be glad to set up Trac or something like it on my server. Just an offer. Also, now that the Windows and Mac versions seem to be reasonably up to date, I'm going to be putting some hours in on merging both codebases.
  13. I agree. The BoE license needs to be revised anyway, considering that (as pointed out in another thread) it technically doesn't apply to the BoE game itself.
  14. BoE runs extremely well under Wine, and should run even better once it's been updated a bit. As a longtime Linux user, I'm sympathetic, but honestly I don't see any major reason to do a direct Linux port in the near future. Wine is readily available. However, I'll be running BoE under Wine directly as well as compiling it under Winelib for my own edification (mostly so that I can fix bugs). I'll be doing everything I can to make sure it runs consistently and cleanly. The main thing to do is to copy MAIDWORD.TTF to a fonts directory. If you're using a recent Linux distribution with fontconfig/etc., you should be able to just kick it into ~/.fonts. That'll make sure the fonts on the opening screen look correct.
  15. Code: error = FSMakeFSSpec(start_volume,start_dir,"\p::::Blades of Exile Base",&temp_file_to_load); if (error != 0) {oops_error(80);} There's the code at issue, to save anyone the trouble of tracking it down. Line 1128 of tfileio.c.
  16. Ornus: your Windows source refers to a 'look.cur' which I can't find anywhere. Other than that, it's compiling very smoothly with winelib. Do you know where that file may be? .
  17. He didn't entirely forget it . You'll want to make sure to remove the existing conditional for it.
  18. I'm currently working on parsing out the BoE scenario format. If you email me your scenario, I could see if it's salvageable and fix it if possible.
  19. Quote: Originally written by malkav11: ... most of them have never been mangled on the horrific Procrustean bed that is the Avernum engine ... Fixed your typo. In addition, I would still be playing BoE if it weren't for the fact that Wine doesn't seem to like Win16 anymore. Which is reasonable enough, but I won't be able to play it until someone brings it up to date. Apparently we're getting close to that, though, so woo.
  20. Ormus: What that looks like to me is that you're properly loading the scenario record and the text but not the town records, which are loaded separately. You should try spitting out the starting co-ordinates when placing the party. where_start for ASR is (14, 56) -- which it obviously isn't for you -- and which_town_start is 1. That's what I'd check for. UPDATE: Are you using the copy of ASR packaged with the source release? Because it appears that it's corrupt. It and the packaged ZKR are garbled when I load them with my scenario dumper. Meanwhile, VoDT and all three of the Mac versions of the scenarios load fine, as well as a half dozen scenarios I just downloaded. Finally, I found some old copies of them lying around on my hard drive -- the Windows versions, natch -- and they worked. So the copies of STEALTH.EXS and ZAKHAZI.EXS packaged with the Windows source release version 2 are corrupt. Don't use them for testing. UPDATE 2: Running stock BoE in an old version of Wine, I tried to run the apparently corrupt STEALTH.EXS. I was partially able to duplicate your issue. It placed me 'correctly' -- that is, on the dock -- but moving in any direction resulted in a special-out-of-range error and I was teleported into the middle of nowhere. Hope that helps.
  21. Yeah, I'm going to work on separating out the gameplay code from both codebases. In terms of files, there's not a lot of cleanness: Code: [mboeh@deuce]projects/boe-win% ls -1 *.CPP | wc -l 24[mboeh@deuce]projects/boe-win% grep HWND -l *.CPP | wc -l 19 That is, 19 out of 24 files -- at least -- have some reference to the Windows-specific HWND type. However, most of these are just one-off references, and it's generally a result of things like items.cpp containing both item-related gameplay functions and item-related UI functions. One of my goals is to separate that out.
  22. I don't think any of the several hacked editors are objectionable anymore. Their functionality can (and in some cases, should) be duplicated readily now that we have the source.
  23. Yeah, I can see there was a conscious effort in BoE to separate business logic from display logic. The main issue I'm running into, honestly, is a lack of named constants. Monster special skills, statuses, etc. All told, though, the BoE code isn't too imposing to sort through. I just wish there were more, smaller, and more logically organized files.
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