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  1. I will submit a PR to merge linux to master this week end (it should simplify merge of new features). I'll try to compare windows and linux version to found which parts are not yet implemented (I'v already seen that menu is missing)
  2. Hello Guys ! First, a big thank to everyone ! (I've tried years ago to port it but failed to found enough time to fight against win16 code) Is it planned to merge linux branch into master ?
  3. Hi, Thanks, I'll check it... My aim is to alter BoE to use SDL for Linux usage (or embedded usage). I don't have yet check your depot to see if we can merge our effort (with abstraction between OS and BoE for example ?) Thanks, Murlock
  4. Hi, I'm working on source file of Macintosh version and I can't found any correct resource file in release 3, anyone could help me ? Or I must work from windows source file ? Thanks in advance
  5. Please don't forget Linux User for BoE opensource ! I can help to test and to debug under Linux. I know wxWidget, SDL and C/C++ but I don't have a lot of time to convert win16 to wx (or sdl / gtk) myself. If you have any version to test (or to compile), you can ask it or in PM. Good luck ! Murlock
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