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  1. I have already written the skeleton classes and started to re-format some code, sorry for not updating the community I will try my best to cleanup the current work and show a proof of concept as soon as possible
  2. Google Code's services are now much better than when I originally tried them (about ten months ago); plus, considering that is much better in interfaces than SF.net and that there are not ads, I think that it is the perfect place for OBoE (SF.net might still be better for huge projects, but I think I will be moving a lot of my projects from SF.net to Google Code in future, SF.net usability of user interfaces is getting worse and looking again at Google Code I felt like looking into future). The Google Code project which I started is available at: http://code.google.com/p/oboe/
  3. Quote: Originally written by *i: Quote: Note: by "units" I mean the classes (C++), that still have to be designed (I have designed only those for the "generic" game engine up to now). Remember there is a fine line between elegance and readability. While the BoE code as is can be a hack at times, try not to go overboard with your classes as to make the whole thing unreadable by people without lots and lots of C++ experience. If in doubt, err on the side of readability. It is not a crime to use procedural logic if it is simpler for others to understand. Great advice that I will absolutely
  4. Quote: Originally written by Spidweb: "These added restrictions don't appear to be in the third release of the code, so yay for Jeff for doing that. Also, I see from looking at the license (see the readme) that he released it as GPL "either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version" rather than the less flexible GPLv2 only which is excellent news, as I was worried it would be stuck as GPLv2-only." Both of these are correct. - Jeff Vogel Thanks! Thank you very much! I think the whole community is and will be deeply grateful to you for this choice. Open source pr
  5. Quote: Originally written by Andrea: That list of reserved rights is invalid and legally troublesome enough to render the code dangerous to use, even without the CPL. It's certainly incompatible with every known open source license, because it puts restrictions on the end user's right to license his or her own creations as he or she sees fit. Sadly agreeing...
  6. Quote: Originally written by Reve: With regards to code hosting, if it's under the GPL, Google's code hosting might be an option. I am sure they give a faster service than SF.net, I have already used Google code in the past and I remember it was "not bad". Quote: With regards to development, the consensus seems to be the logical: - Make it work on new versions of Windows/MacOS - Fix bugs You are right, these are the topmost priorities, but I would like to start since the first version with a cross-platform maintanable codebase. A question of purity, if you want, but my real goal is to
  7. Quote: Originally written by Reve: On a side note, hopefully the GPL version will be "GPL-going-forwards" (i.e. GPL(any version), GPL2+ or GPL3+) - being able to use it under the GPL version 3 means we can merge in any code under the fairly popular Apache 2.0 license in the program, which GPL2 is not able to do so. I think that if he would release it under the current GPLv2 http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt it would be just fine; when GPLv3 will be out people might be able to put the code under GPLv3. Quote: Also as an aside, I'd like to thank Jeff for listening to the community her
  8. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: Jeff has indicated that he's probably going to change the license, for this very reason. Thank you for the info - so I hope that he is reading this topic I will meanwhile keep working on the project (mostly the engine), and then publish everything (in a way or another) - but it would be great to start well setup since the beginning Edit: I have read his post. Thank you very much mr Vogel!
  9. Some (bad) news finally. I don't know the exact date (but I have been checking daily) but finally the SF.net staff rejected my project request, here the details: I chose License :: OSI-Approved Open Source :: Common Public License with the following additional note: Quote: The OSI-Approved Common Public License applies (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/cpl1.0.php), with the following reserved rights as appendix: Spiderweb Software, Inc. Reserves the Following Rights: - Right to place any and all applications, game scenarios, and derivative works created in whole or
  10. Thank you for your feedback Jewels, your are right - now the move is to me, and I am already working on this plannned project to tell the truth. As soon as I will have doubts, I will ask to the community here (there is also the original coder here!) - many brains are better than one brain and you might actually help me in design choices (and I hope later in coding too). Regarding your custom editor: maybe you are going to take some role in the "editor" part of the project? Coming soon: setup of SF.net project website and services
  11. Quote: Originally written by Andrea: But Gtk+ isn't particularly portable. It works for X Window and for Win32, and there's an incomplete port to Cocoa. And I mean incomplete -- believe me, I've bashed my head against every free GUI toolkit out there. The only ones that are consistently cross-platform and stable are Qt and WxWidgets -- which are both options. I prefer Gtk+ to both of these, but without a working and stable Mac OS X version, it's worthless for BoE. I was thinking about wxWidgets instead of Gtk+ Quote: In any case, I don't see the point of making a cross-platform version of
  12. Quote: Originally written by Khoth: You've been talking a fair bit about wanting to avoid wasted effort. So why are you proposing a rewrite from the ground up rather than starting from already-nearly-working code? We currently have the Mac version fairly usable, and Jeff's said that the Windows version would probably be easier to fix up, so starting by getting the Windows version up-to-date feels like a better way to be going, that will actually produce results quickly and give something that can be built on. You are perfectly correct. I have not been precise enough: my idea would be to rewr
  13. Quote: Originally written by Khoth: Actually, it sounds like what you have in mind is different from what's being done so far. At the moment, we've been taking the existing codebase and fixing it up, and are planning to extend it. It sounds like what you're plannig is to rewrite from scratch using the new knowledge of file formats. Uhm... Sorry for not having specified it! You are right, this project can be better thought as an engine rewrite (on Gtk+) centered on BoE gameplay and format (but there could be a proper OBoE format one day, without anyway dropping the support for BoE format).
  14. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: Whew, I think I understand you now. You intend to re-write the code so that it is cross-platform. I think all of us will agree that this would be a good thing to do, if you can do it, but I'm not sure how much help you'll get from anyone else. Any help would be welcome! Think about development of parts of the source code, UI improvements, alpha/beta testing, scenarios testing etc. Quote: I'd say, plunge right in. If you can do it yourself, go for it. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the end result functions the same (and, in most case
  15. Quote: Originally written by *i: Quote: I'm not sure that leadership is really what's needed right now. Leading by example is probably the best way to go. I agree 100%. I think you bring a lot of energy to this, and that is what is needed right now. You seem like you are most interested on the PC side of things, which is good, that is where effort is required. Set up whatever you want for the PC stuff. That being said, we should all collaborate and let ideas be thrown around. I think there is a lot to be gained from discussion. Well I will never start it without the community consen
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