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  1. I've somehow managed to miss the person who buys magical notes, and my Google-fu has failed me. Where are they? Edit: a lengthy search through the item list topic yields an NPC in Fort Remote. I've been looking around, but either they're evading me spectacularly or they're not here. Edit 2: The NPC in question is there, but outside the fort's walls. Question answered. Yay.
  2. I just found my way to the Empire portal area, fought my way through the various gates, and got to the point where you need something to let you fly. The text informing I needed to do so was entirely blank: the window came up with no text sans the "1- OK" to continue. Fortunately the quest I acquired at the time basically summed up what I needed to do anyway. I was a doof and didn't take a screenshot, but I assume all you need to do to remake the error is go there safely without a certain Orb.
  3. All was going well(ish) with my assault on Ornotha Ziggurat. I was mostly keeping the strike force alive, and then Garzhad retreated back into the stairwell area. I followed him to keep hitting him into submission, and lo and behold, I'm in the next area. When I return to try to rescue my vahnatai companions, they were gone, leaving the remainder of the Empire army to me. I'm a little frustrated, because reading the guides from the previous iteration, I find I've just missed several chunks of plot. Looking at the stairs, there's no obvious sign that they're an area to be avoided. Could this perhaps be added to the list of fixes for v. 1.1? Thanks.
  4. I have a very minor issue to add to the list. While bashing my head on Brigand's Madhouse (darn you, gazer! Your death was too quick), I ran into this guy politely chilling where his boss died. I recall someone mentioning finding a friendly giant spider under Fort Draco in the demo version. Maybe it's related? This isn't the demo, though, it's the Windows v1.0. So maybe not. Either way, this seemed like a place to put it.
  5. Hey folks, I've kicked down the door on the Verdant Valley bandits and ended all their lives. When I went to their storeroom (easternmost room), it said something about the arrow shipment bieng there. Hooray! I looked around, but didn't see any items labeled as such, nor did I get a special item. Boo. I did catch the switch on the wall, which opened a secret room back to the west, but while there was loot, there was again no arrow shipment. Confused, I went back to Fort Draco and checked with the quest rewarders. Captain Anford (arrows quest) was unimpressed with my antics, but Kellia did cough up for my destruction of the bandits. Did I miss something? Misread something? Have the wrong place entirely? Thanks for your help.
  6. As a note, there's at least one working stat editor for Geneforge 2 here. Doesn't do items, though.
  7. No worries. I knew SDFs existed and had used them once or twice to fix problems in an older Geneforge game, but not since. Okay, so I unkilled the shaman leader and checked the dungeon. For those interested, changing the SDF flag does not respawn the person to be slaughtered. Rekilled him with code, and went to check. No dice. Unkilled him again, unquested myself, re-quested via Johnson, code-killed him, and checked with Johnson. Quest complete, problem solved. Thanks for your help, Jerakeen! A sidenote for his Jeffness, if he reads this. There's a respawned non-hostile nephilim in my shaman lair at the Goblin Caves now. I suspect he's a respawn of one of the shaman's group. He doesn't move or go hostile. It's a little odd. Nothing game-breaking, though.
  8. I checked before, and several times thereafter, but for kicks, I'll do it again. ...No luck. Nothing but the "tell me about the fort" and "how can I assist you?" options, the latter of which has the "tell me about" options for the bandits and nephilim as well as the "but you have all these soldiers" option. Nothing else.
  9. Apparently I do not know how, apologies. The first flag ought to be correct, though, since the quest shows up in the quest log. For kicks, I used showmeall on the Caves. Not a living soul in sight.
  10. Hey folks, I may have killed my target bad guy (the shaman in the NW corner) in the Goblin Caves before getting the quest. Unfortunately, Captain Johnson in Fort Duvno is not impressed with my go-getter attitude, and the quest remains stubbornly on my list, not done. Is there an SDF I can set to fix this, or something else? Thanks in advance!
  11. I seem to have done a silly thing. I found the missing scouts from the Missing Scouts quest before receiving the quest. Their leader let on there was a quest involving finding them, so I quit the conversation to go get the quest. When I came back, they were gone. When I went to Watcher Harissa, the quest-giver, she chastised me for losing all the scouts. On one hand, yeah, it was dumb to leave the scouts without finishing all possible conversation options. On the other hand, I had cleared the ogres from the immediate area. If someone mentions an available quest I haven't started, I tend to go get it immediately so I can cash in on my good deed.
  12. Ah, there it is. It found its way to my third party member, not the first or second, who I did check. Thanks for clearing that up.
  13. Oddly enough, I defeated Incarnus and got the "he drops a shield" message, but couldn't find the shield in question. Edit: Refought him, same problem. But got a save file of it this time, if that'll help.
  14. First impression? Well, I've been in a state of near-glee about Avadon when not distracted by other things, like coursework and chores. I actually don't mind the lack of keyboard movement. Although I'm on a laptop, which was never ideal for that kind of thing anyway. The skill tree intrigues me. I guess I haven't had a lot of experience with them prior to this, so it looks interesting. I have had experience with achievements, though, and I suppose I'm surprised at how few Jeff built in. Always room for more, if it comes to that. The big areas are pretty cool. What worries me is not being able to find people and places in all that shiny and open spaces. Having buildings be their own maps is an interesting touch, but again, I really hope I can find everyone. I'm buying the hint book in hopes that it'll help. Like some, I am mildly disappointed in the lack of portrait options. I don't mind playing as a male fighter, but it does lessen immersion for awhile. I do love the graphics, though. So very pretty. Polished and clean. A pleasure to look at. Enjoying the story so far. I haven't hit the end of the demo, but the NPC interaction is fun, and the politicking between the five nations strikes me as terribly realistic. Can't wait to see where this goes. tl;dr-> yay, lots of good things, few downsides, I'm buying it.
  15. Apologies for the necromancy. This seems like the place to put this, rather than a new topic. Corrections to my train of thought are welcome. I've edited the above editor script so it gives the proper skills and abilities, as well as the new creations and new spells. It's the same format as before. However, it lacks the money editor because I had to cut *something* out to fit in all those new spells. Link to download: http://www.mediafire.com/?y79jocg3sjmg10h All the above cautions are in full effect. Please back up your game, Spiderweb is not responsible for anything broken while using this script. I may work on an item and money editor in another section, but that's a task for another day. edit: Shaping skill editing didn't work in my first release- something I forgot to fix in Josh's version. Now it works.
  16. Nothing stopping them from turning to other pursuits after they're finished being all heroic, tho'.
  17. Getting instantly killed was kind of a downer, though. It does make sense why Jeff would change it.
  18. Y'know, Solberg's provocation and subsequent defeat of the Manburner was pretty cool and all, but I'm really kind of sorry that Avernite warmage dude in the cave in the Northern Reaches didn't get to freeze her into a block of ice. My sense of irony is disappointed.
  19. ...And there it is. I even beat the snot out of the two golems already. Thanks, guys.
  20. Bit perplexed on this. I'd thought I explored everywhere, but I seem to have missed whichever tunnel leads to the ruins of Erika's Tower. Directions, anyone?
  21. Originally Posted By: Serious Times Come —Alorael, who isn't sure why the party is allowed to force a return to non-combat mode at all. It's a feature that prevents hostiles unable to reach you from slowing your movement to a crawl, presumably, but Geneforge immediately drops you back into combat mode. Avernum gives you the pesky opportunity to abuse out of combat spells. Maybe those spells should also have a post-combat timer. I think it might have something to do with the fact that you can't use stairs in combat mode. On occasion, I've used the forced non-combat mode to run away from an angry mob I didn't want to deal with.
  22. Ah, I missed a switch in one of those tunnels. Excellent. Thanks for your help, folks.
  23. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where that tunnel is. There's a place (an old, sealed tunnel) I *think* should be part of it, but I can't get past the lowered portcullis there or find another way in. Help?
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