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  1. [Edit: Read the CoC. No discussion of illegal activity, please.]
  2. ^ Or Blades of anything. Ever again.
  3. Blasphemers! Building decks is 90% of the fun of magic! I also view character building like a puzzle, and in Avadon the puzzle is still present, but the answer is already given to you.
  4. Originally Posted By: madrigan 1) Many people on the forum here have mentioned that it's hard to create a useless character. I think this is true. I did miss the detailed character building of the Avernum games, but as I said I like the fact that I didn't end up spending thirty hours before realizing I would never be able to finish. I continue to find it bizarre that people (including Jeff) see this as a good thing. It kills the replay value of the game. to death. If this is how the rest of the series goes, I don't see how you could ever play an Avadon game more than twice, unless you
  5. So, that was easy. I was worried about fighting her on hard, since Beloch had given me a bit of trouble (Lvl 26/27). Anyway, I killed her without her hitting me once after her first attack (she acts first), or activating any golems. Stunned her with blademaster, which kept her occupied for several turns. And since that worked so well I just kept chugging recovery potions and re-stunning her. Is it supposed to be this easy, or did I just get very lucky with my stunning blows?
  6. Dude, I'm way past that. Moritz'Kri is dead now. That's why I say, I may have missed my window to talk to him and get the first quest, so now I get no quests Oh well, they weren't terribly important quests anyway.
  7. Thanks Random, you were right, he was in the top-right. But no matter where he goes on the map, I still can't get the quest. weird that I didn't have any trouble with this on the first run-thru.
  8. Perhaps I missed my window for getting the first quest. Because when arriving for the hunting the wizard, Salom isn't even in the area. I have 3 dialogue options: Click to reveal.. -What is this hall? -i need some information(which leads to him telling me to leave) -i will be going
  9. I can't seem to get Runner Kellen to give me any quests. I'm already on Hunting the Wizard, and Hunter Salom is not in town, but Kellen won't talk to me at all (except to say he won't help me). Have I missed something, or is this a glitch? (running v1.01)
  10. Yeah, I also get this bug, but I've only rarely been able to cast a second ability. Usually it gives me an error at the bottom, something like char_cast_ability and I can't do anything until I press escape to cancel.
  11. Sorry dude, it has been discussed quite a bit, but the bottom line is, you are stuck with mouse movement. I'm on a lappy too, so I hear you. As for your first question, I'm not sure what you mean by 'locked'. On a mac you can always Command-Tab from the Avadon window to another application. I'm pretty sure you can also move your mouse outside the window and click. (the mouse becomes invisible so you have to guess, but it's not hard). Now, if the game kept running while you were checking your email, THAT would be amazing. (walking = boring) But I know that's asking too much.
  12. I too, do not experience this bug, but if I did, I would consider it a feature.
  13. <12 hours till I'm back in class again, so it'll be a while before I can Avadon again. However, I did have time to start a new playthrough, and I just wanted to point out that it's a very punishing flaw that 2 classes don't have a lockpicking skill. Basically it means all the doors/chests in Avadon fortress are unavailable to me as a Warrior/Shaman.(unless I waste a LOT of picks) That is all. edit: scratch that, i can't even use my partner's lockpicking on the main floor of avadon!
  14. I am a completionist, and I like having lots to do. In fact, I quite like being completely overwhelmed with sidequests, to the point where I have to scroll through my current quest list. But that's just me. Quote: "adorably bloodthirsty" Perfect descriptor, Thank you! Time to update my online dating profiles.
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