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  1. I attacked all the bandits (2 groups)...including the neutrals (manually) and still cannot complete the quest...Commander Diver just doesn't accept... Also where is the hidden entrance to Farrar's Keep? Can't seem to get to Malanchion either...he's like blocked by the guarded gate in Bargha.
  2. Geneforge 2 Editor --------------------------- This editor is based off of Croikle's Geneforge 1 editor. I just converted it to Geneforge 2. The entry point is the sign in the middle of the path between the "Alchemy lab (new game start point)" and the "Healing and Shaping hall" Here it is... (Feel free to add to it, with your own codes...it seems a bit incomplete...) So far the skills are a bit messed up...it will give you random abilities... RAPIDSHARE: Rapidshare- Download editor Please delete those other two posts...having forum problems. * USE AT YOUR OWN
  3. GENEFORGE 2 EDITOR ------------------------------------------ Based entirely on Croikle's Geneforge 1 editor. I only converted it to Geneforge 2. Entry point: the 2nd sign you see at first zone when you enter (new game). Middle of path from character start point to alchemy lab. Code (replace with original "SAVE A BACKUP OF ORIGINAL!!!" Click to reveal.. // z0entrydlg.txt begintalkscript; variables; begintalknode 1; state = -1; personality = 0; nextstate = -1; condition = 1; question = "special"; text1 = "GETTING AND USING ITEMS"; t
  4. Delete this post please
  5. Thanks! I will get right too work with modding now
  6. Thank you so much! Now I know how to make item lists. Might I suggest RapidShare for uploading? Or...you could copy and paste the list on a post. Wasn't there a Geneforge 2 strategy central? (sorry for any trouble that was caused)
  7. I guess I could base it off of the results I get using a self-made item editor...just need the script needed to add items. (Looks like Geneforge 2 modding has faded...)
  8. Is there an item list for G2? (I seem to remember one a long time ago...) and Ability/stats list? Also what weapons are not used by npcs at all? (need a weapon that will not be used against me )
  9. ok, thanks to both of you! (sorry for being a bit confusing...)
  10. I'm kind of new to scripting BOA but have read the guides and still am having trouble with how to have multiple characters have their own dialogue (the third guy doesn't talk much just says "OK.", also can someone help me in how to script opening doors when you talk to a certain person? Here's the code if you need it...(just a basic mod.) Click to reveal.. begintalkscript; variables; begintalknode 1; state = -1; nextstate = 1; question = "Janitor"; text1 = "You meet the Janitor of these Barracks. _What do you want, friend?_"; begintalknode 2; state =
  11. Just asking but...is there a way to mod weapons or change your main characters health and essence in Geneforge? I don't see a gfitemschars like in the other ones...
  12. k thanks! (as I said in the other reply).
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