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    demo help

    I'm not sure about magic map, but to find the pretty stone you need to search/look at the walls of garbage in the gnat nest.
  2. I'll send you everything I have in my personal archive.
  3. I'm working on a replacement but finding time to work on it is scarce. All I have up at the moment are the Dialogue pics, but if you tell me what you're looking for I can probably find something for you.
  4. Jewels


    Quote: Originally written by Ahbleza: Want to start a real debate? There is no good or evil, no right or wrong. There is only perspective. me Obviously, since the husband who beats his wife is just trying to teach her a lesson, right? She deserved it anyway. She's very lucky to have a husband who loves her enough to set her straight. He's doing her a favor what with building her character and all.
  5. .gif if at all possible and .png if color quality is otherwise not compatable. TM probably meant .png the first time he said .bmp.
  6. 28 X 72 Wouldn't be all that bad either considering they look like reall big trolls but most are preferred in 28 x 36.
  7. I love BoE graphics! I can never get enough. Plus yours are really good.
  8. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: Jewels, "never mind" is two words, not one. Actually both are correct. It's in my dictionary. Don't know why it's not in yours. Edit:Now that I read the deffinition, though I'm not so sure. Can it only be used in the context of 'no nevermind'?
  9. Quote: Originally written by Mr. Morph: Nvrmd I found it,(<punctuation )thank you Wrong punctuation, though. Correct: Nevermind, I found it. Thank you. Edit: Also, the edit button is your friend. Use it wisely or face the wrath of the Spiderwebers. Muahahahahahaha!
  10. Quote: Originally written by Arachnid: skeletorhatesyou Does that make me Heman?
  11. How big is it? My plate's too full for an epic but I can make room for a shorter one, like less then 10 hours play time. tracihedlund@charter.net PS. Only a utility to my name so far.
  12. Isle of Boredom and Johnny Favourite are on the same line too. ___ So, Drakey's agreed to a custom title... but has he agreed to let the winner pick the title? That's what I want to know.
  13. When I do my own nodework, I usually do write it that way first. It's much easier to make changes when you can see everything right in front of you. And then when it looks like I have everything in order I open the editor to plug stuff in.
  14. Quote: Originally written by Ahbleza: I'm not sure I'm asking in the correct terminolgy, so please bear with me. I think, (am asking), EVERY function is done by a Node, Y/N? Yes. "Node" appears to be the name for a "Token", or "Bit" that is checked for status of the required function, Y/N? Yes. It's the NODE, itself, which is the SDF because it becomes an SDF when the Author so designates a NODE to do a certain function, Y/N? No. As Thuryl says, SDF's are seperate from nodes but nodes are essential for using SDF's. Nodes are the only access you have to SDF's. As such, there isn't a listing of the 10 x 300 SDF's. It's just a maximum amount of designations allowed in this particular Editor, Y/N? Not sure. I would say that the limit exists because there is a listing and that's how big the listing is. So, if I want to have the Party acquire an item, I set a Node to "Get Item". But, I have to use another Node to see if they already "have" that item, Y/N? It depends on what you want to do. This, in turn, allows, (or not), the Party to get the item, ( or so it seems). So, the minimum number of Nodes needed to acquire an Item would be two; one to "Get Item" and another to check to see if they already "Have Item", Y/N? You can get very complicated when giving an item if you want. The generic One-Time Give Item will only require one node since once it is given the first time the SDF that you indicate is changed to 250 automatically which in game terms means 'dead node'. The special will not be executed again. But if you want to display a seperate message if the party tries to get the item again then you will need to check if they already have it first. (If-Then:Stuff Done Equal - (x,y)SDF=250 then go to node that displays message 'you already got it', else go to node that gives item and changes above SDF to 250.) This example uses three nodes. If you want you can get even more complicated by causing something else to happen if they try to get it too many times. (in more formal notation) Quote: Code: 0 Check flag 1,0 equal 250; if yes go to 2; else 1 1 One-Time Give Item 43; quantity-1; SDF 1,0; display message 'you got item #43 from king'; end 2 Incriment flag 1,1; increase by 1; go to 3 3 Check flag 1,1; if >=5 go to 6; if <4 go to 4; else go to 5 4 Display Message 'King says he already gave you item #43'; end 5 Display Message 'Don't ask again, it's annoying.'; end 6 Move Party to x,y outside of castle; display message 'The King throws you out of the castle.'; go to 7 7 Set Flag 1,2 to 1; end This SDF can then be checked at the gate to get in the castle and if it is 1 then use Can't Enter, display message 'The King refuses to see you.' So that was seven nodes plus at least two for the gate and you'll probably want to do something that will allow the party back in to see the king like a special quest, or a general timer for when the king is less annoyed with you. You can make it as easy or as complicated as you want. If this is right, then it all seems perfectly logical to me. The only problem is the terminology, which is what the original writer of the Program decided upon. And the terminology seems to be what must be learned ONLY by familiarizing one's self by using the Editor. If what I've just said seems a bit excessive, I think it's because I'm beginning to "get it". Now, if I can just apply this to the If/Then thingy-do, I'll be fine. In advance, thanx, me
  15. It does, but it takes a bit of getting used to. The first time I opened up the editor and saw all those 'Unused' fields I was a confused too. There is only one template for entering in a myriad of groups of data, and the fields for this data may not always be for the same type of data. My advice is to make a testing scenario. It's often hard to understand a technical book without seeing what the coding does. Make some test specials and try them out. For all I've worked with the editor, I haven't even touched over half the node types, but I could still make a finishable scenario. So it's not essential that you understand everything right away.
  16. Didn't you say you were making a scenario, Thralni? The editor is what you use to make scenarios with.
  17. There are many things that are just plain wrong in the documentation too along with a handful of stuff that doesn't work as advertised. There's been a few lists made in the designers forum. It may help you to look there too. http://www.geocities.com/blyceum/DForum/index.html
  18. 1=2 is simply a wrong opinion, but it deals with fact, not personal preference. An opinion about what I like may be lousy but that would be another opinion. TM's scenarios are a nice break from the monotony, but after the break I'd rather go back to the monotony for a while.
  19. imho the Troglodytes have the coolest name, so they get my vote.
  20. I am so incredibly dull... I have used the default party every time I have played any exile game unless it's a BoE scenario that comes with a custom party.
  21. Wouldn't you know it... I think that the 'searching for clues' bit (or really the 'finding clues' bit) is the best part of a scenario. Go, figure.
  22. Something to add to my todo list...
  23. Yippee! More graphics. I disagree that they're better though. The cartoony feel is good at times but the level of detail is greatly decreased and the sliths just look plain bad. (of course, it's hard to make a good slith in the first place) I prefer a minimal shading and depth in graphics. The ogre imo is really good. Was there no standing/attacking stance difference?
  24. Quote: Originally written by Silent Motion: Those are two different links, so they can't be combined. It does raise a question I have - Sometimes when I come here, the # of scenarios in a column change, so one column is noticably longer than another. Nothing in code was changed, and the width of the browser window is the same, so I'm stumped as to why this would happen. Anyone else notice this? I have noticed it. It's not that there are more scenarios, but that some of the scenarios with longer names take up more then one line. It's like one of the columns' width keeps changing. I have seen no real pattern to when it's correct and when it's wrong, so I couldn't tell you what's going on. I have Firefox as a browser incase it matters.
  25. For instance, if you loved Exile 3 then you'd probably like Adventurer's Club. And if you loved A Mild Rebellion, you'd probably like Tatterdemalion. If you'd rather have short and sweet, I suggest Back to Normal, The Magnificent Six, and Odessa's Journey. There are many other good scenarios, most of which I have not played yet either, but thought I'd give you a start.
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