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  1. How many PC's do you play with? six How many scenarios have you played? You gonna make me go and count? Pshaw. You tell me how many I've rated and I'll tell you how many I've played. Absolute favorite BoE scenario? Back to Normal When did you get the registered version of BoE for the first time? Some time before Aug 2003 What is the first third-party scenario you played? I don't even know what that is. Favorite all-around scenario designer? Um... for personality or their scenarios? TM and Measle probably Out of your own scenarios, which do you feel is your best? Sound Showcase. I designed it for myself and it really helped me get a handle on the sounds. What is your favorite scenario icon? The red castle If you could make one BoE scenario into a movie, which scenario would it be? Back to Normal (ain't I original?) What is your favorite spell? I'm blanking on it's name... the one that blesses and hastes and poisons weapons for the whole party in one fell swoop. Major Blessing I think... maybe. What is your favorite item of all time? (It doesn't matter how many scenarios have the item in it. Can be one, can be all.) Skull of Saphires found in Stranger's Quest Have you ever named a place or character in a scenario after someone you know in real life? No. Not yet anyway. What do you think is the absolute most overrated BoE scenario of all time? Tatterdemalion, of course I haven't played it yet so I have nothing to substanciate my claim. What do you think is the absolute most underrated BoE scenario of all time? Stranger's Quest - Good workout for a god party with lots of good pimped stuff. Kinda funny too. If you could fix one bug in BoE or the scenario editor, what would it be? The stairway bug. I hate that thing. If you could add one new feature to BoE or the scenario editor, what would it be? no limits What is your least favorite scenario out of those rated 7.0 or higher on CSR? * goes to look * Keeping in mind that I've only played about ten of them, Areni. Which scenario do you think is the worst ever? There's lots of horribles, but only one can be the absolute worst. minimalism Write down the release dates of all of your scenarios. If you can't remember all of them, do the ones that you can. Sorry Bain, the only way I'd remember is to go look it up on the forums where I'm sure you've already looked. What is your favorite TM scenario? NTH What is your favorite Creator scenario? I think I've only played Areni. What is your favorite scenario in the Spheres trilogy? Haven't played any yet. What is your favorite scenario in the Adventurer's Club trilogy? I've only played AC1 but I loved it. What do you think is the absolute coolest innovation in a BoE scenario yet? Frame Animation revolutionized scenarios beyond a point that no other has reached or even gotten close to. What is your favorite BoE fansite? TrueSite for Blades /shameless plug What do you think would happen if Alcritas returned to the Lyceum as an active member once more? You'd be out a job. What scenario do you think should have won the first design contest? You got a link to the entrants? I could probably find it but why you gotta make me think so hard? Name one random scenario that has not been mentioned by anyone in this thread (first that comes in your head.) Kistar's Quest If TM returned, and he and Kel continued to argue, do you think that should continue, or do you think they just have to duke it out? Not exactly sure what your asking here. What is 'that'? If what you're asking is what I think you're asking, I like to see catfights. Edit: I think I pressed edit about six times. I like to read and reread for little changes here and there. Don't worry, I didn't change anything major.
  2. 1) Which is your favorite Avernum game? BoA 2) What is your favorite melee weapon class? Sword 3) What is your favorite missile weapon class? Bow 4) What is your favorite spell in Avernum? Enduring Shield 5) What spell did you like in an earlier Avernum game, but was removed in a later sequel? Um... I miss Magic Map(BoE) which was replaced with Far Sight but it doesn't work as well. 6) What is your favorite dagger/sword?Flaming Sword 7) What is your favorite spear/pike/halberd? Blessed Halberd 8) What is your favorite bow/crossbow? Klinger's Bow 9) What is your favorite thrown missile? razordisks 10) Which enemy type do you hate the most? powerful mages 11) If you could stand-in for any character in the game aside from the party, which character would you choose? I didn't pay close enough attention to remember names... any fletcher. 12) If you could stop or change one event in Avernum, what would it be? The destruction of the Tower of Magi. 13) Who is your favorite character, aside from the party? Again with the remembering details... that dryad that gave/sold/taught you that thing/spell/recipe. 14) Which Black Shade did you like the most? (A4)I don't. 15) If you could destroy one being in Avernum, who/what would it be?The one in my way. 16) Who is your favorite dragon?Khoth 17) What type of armor do you prefer? (Leather, chain mail, etc.)Blessed Studded 18) Aside from adventuring, which profession would you take in Avernum? Fletcher 19) Do you prefer to fight enemies, or would you rather flee?fight 20) What reasons do you have for becoming adventurers?Normal life is just too dull. Excitement is needed. 21) Who is your favorite mage/priest outside of your party?x 22) Who is your favorite villain?gran-hoth(sp?) 23) If you had the chance to have a cameo of yourself inserted in any of the Avernum series, would you take it?of course 24) Who was the most annoying non-party character in the Avernum series?linda 25) What is your favorite city in Avernum or the Empire?home 26) If you had just one character in your party, what skills would he/she be trained in?sword bow mage priest... eventually all of them. 27) What's your favorite Xian Item?whatian? 28) If you could travel to any of the continents on the surface, which one would you choose?Aizo 29) Which skill do you think is the MOST valuable in the entire Avernum series?tools 30) Which skill do you think is the LEAST valuable in the entire Avernum series?thrown missile, I prefer bows 31) What is your favorite Avernum cuisine?Dried meat otherwise known as beef jerky, yumm. 32) If there was one thing you could add to the Avernum series, what would it be?The ability to wear two rings. 33) What's your favorite special item?The escape clause. 34) Do you have your characters wear pants?BoE, no. BoA, yes. As long as they don't take up an invitory slot I might as well. 35) If Avernum had lost the Avernum/Empire War, what do you think would've happened? The empire would have been overrun by Vahanati plagues.
  3. Simple, good quality, beginner scenarios. Back to Normal Odessa's Journey Dirty Gold The Final Spire The Future The Foolish Giant Justice The Magnificent Six At least, some of the ones that I've played and liked.
  4. Could you be more specific about what you're having trouble with? - The graphics sheet itself. - How to number the graphics for the type of graphic it is. - Where to put the number once you have it. - Other. What exactly is happening?
  5. Too much duplicating... has been fixed.
  6. 1607 new 'slightly used' graphics have been posted at Pixle Profusion and all the graphics ever used in BoE scenarios over the years (minus a few judgement call exceptions) are now up for your viewing enjoyment. I'm sure that some are credited wrong (particularily some of BSR's) so if you notice any descrepencies, let me know and I'll fix them ASAP. I am so excited to have this section of TrueSite finally done. I might just take some time off to play a BoA scenario or two. The CD came yesterday.
  7. There's a different kind of cheesecake? Maybe it's better I don't know...
  8. [pout] So. Not. Fair. You get everything. They'd make you a mod in , like, two seconds if you said you wanted to be one. [/pout]
  9. Which just goes to show, you can never please everyone. Dylan starts school in two years. Maybe when I have no kids at home I'll be able to turn them out faster and do more then the three. I surely won't have anything better to do by then. And since when were you a Dollop of Whipped Cream?
  10. Don't feed the troll, Small Fry. He's entitled to his opinions. He's even entitled to convey them rudely if he wants.
  11. I haven't started another one. I have a different scenario in the 'works' that I want to finish before starting another or else I'll just have the beginning of lots of scenarios and no finished products. I turned this one into a Prologue really just to get it off my plate. But, yea. The plan was to do more. I want to finish Redwall, do Martin the Warrior, and Salamandastron at least. Don't expect anything anytime soon though. It took me two years for the beginning of the first, remember.
  12. Ok, first you talk to the Abbot and tell him the 'Churchmouse' Family could use some leftovers, then keep talking until you've agreed to give them a ride home in the haycart. Then you ask Constance to pull the 'haycart', you ask Mr. Churchmouse if they will accept the ride on the 'haycart', and you ask Cornflower if she would like to join you in the 'haycart' since she lives that way anyway. When you have done these four triggers, you stretch your legs by moving out of your chair and back into it. Hugo will have the fish you caught brought out and you can just enjoy the rest of the ride.
  13. You need to talk to people. Four people have triggers to take you to the next stage. Start with the Abbot and work from there. If you've talked to everybody, try 'stretching' your legs.
  14. The feast starts when your duties are finished. There are four things you need to do but only three are chores. I thought I had the food say you had too many ingredients when you picked up more then two. I'll check it. In the meantime, look for the recipe book, it'll help. The scroll task was designed to be gotten wrong if done too quickly. Take a closer look at ones right on the edge. The Abbot has gone to attend to other duties until the feast starts.
  15. Quote: Originially written by Spiderweb Software: We always send a confirmation E-mail after getting a scenario. If you don't get one, something has gone wrong ... E-mail us. At least it says they do on the Submission Page. It's not on the Untried table at any rate. Quote: Originally written in the rules: In the event of an actual tie between all scores, both (or all those tied) scenarios are eliminted. Is this new? You can't possibly do this. Staying with the same theme, there are three scenarios in a category, two are basically equal and one is terrible. If the two that are equal result in a real tie, they are both eliminated and the terrible scenario wins. Suggestions for change: Appoint an official tie-breaker. Use CSR's averaged scores. Use CSR's highest score given. Just give them both first(or whatever they tied for) and skip giving a second(next) place. I like the 0-10 ranking for regular categories, but the best to worst for final round.
  16. Consider Redwall: Prologue entered for Newcomer, Small, and BoE if you do it that way. I've sent it to Spiderweb, but they haven't sent me a confirmation e-mail yet. It's available at TrueSite if they don't get to posting it.
  17. Quote: Originally written by Sturg: A couple things I noticed: - The Seventh Plague link in broken. - How about these scenarios: Ravaged Land Homeland Quenick's Quest Gray Moon II Arena of Death Two are on the 'Other' page. Two are bundled with The Great Wars. The only one really missing is Arena of Death. Wasn't that one corrupted when found, or never found? I'm not remembering. Oh, and *cough* Redwall.
  18. I have to buy BoA first. I think I'm almost ready to.
  19. That only took what... two years? Get it here. Page at TrueSite to come as soon as I can get Java to work for me again.
  20. He knows. Please see Truesite or Alexandria for your downloading needs.
  21. Bain is gone till the 31st and I don't know how to contact Al. There's a bunch of new topics in Olympia by an unregistered user that should be deleted. Real spam.
  22. Real life makes the middle the hardest. Finding motivation to keep working when there is SO MUCH left to do. Especially if you didn't plan well. Coding is fun, alpha testing is motivated(cause you get to see if your coding works), and finishing is easy(when the middle is already done). ...
  23. Xen- I've been working on making your graphics more game friendly. (ie the right size/format) Would you mind making an attacking graphic for the gurad troll? And maybe an attacking stance for the soldier with the blue shield, left facing. At the moment I just have the exsisting attacking stance fliped but it looks a little funny with only one blue shield in all the stances. When I'm all done I'll post them for you.
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