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  1. I voted for three. Those who authored a scenario I played that made me think 'WOW!'.
  2. Jewels


    You're missing alot. Even though the demos were huge, they're still only thirds or forths of the whole games. You should buy them...
  3. Jewels


    Quote: Originally written by Zeviz: Avernum is the exact copy of Exile, but with a new engine. So there is absolutely no reason to buy both Avernum and Exile games. There is one reason, but only for the Blades'. Not all scenarios (more likely only a few) BoE scenarios will be ported to BoA. (and probably no originally BoA will be converted to BoE) So you have to buy both if you want to play the scenarios for both.
  4. Jewels


    But see, the value for BoE goes up every time a new scenario is made at the same time that it's value goes down for getting old/outdated. He probably would sell more if he lowered the price, but what'cha gonna do? I doubt Jeff will budge.
  5. I think you just need to break down and pay Jeff $30. You want to really use the game give credit where it's due and pay the man who made it. imho of course.
  6. Quote: Originally written by Archmagi Micael: EDIT: there's something wrong with the URL thing. It's not working! - Archmagi Micael You're missing a ']Link' inside your ''
  7. Is that 'you like boring' or 'you think ben's type is boring'?
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