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  1. The effects can indeed be applied to party members. They are permanent once applied; even if you're not in the zone where it's applied, they still work. The only one where it's zone specific is the bless_char one. The rest aren't zone specific.
  2. Those fancy set_new_abil() that are seen on enemies are zone scripted; can't be given to a creation by default. You have to basically use them in a zone. Trying to use them in the gf5itemschars won't work. Spawner creations, you'll have to use the Zone Simulator to make that work. Yeah Geneforge isn't really the most easy to mod game out there, believe me. Although that could be because messing with zones via Zone Simulator is hard; I recalled being able to do so on Mac with some alterations, but I have forgotten how to do it now on Mac. It's been too long; if someone is on Mac and can mes
  3. Oh. Oops. Sorry about that; getting a bit too used to swearing on the Internet... ._.
  4. Shaila backstory wise is a toss up. Same for the other prospectives. Some seem like plain civilians, others seem to already learn some magic or Shaping abilities. All of whom are, yes, brought to the Geneforge to make Lifecrafters. Shaila, alright I can see what you mean. She is definitely stronger than you are, even in gameplay; her HP is pretty decent, she has Ice Spray, can produce creations pretty quickly, etc. Yeah, her backstory is up for interpretation. I was curious how she escaped imprisonment, but's that's another story. Drakons very clearly didn't care for the human side of the r
  5. Doubtful. He's a high ranking Shaper; if he Shaped himself the alterations would be detected *very* quickly, and he'd be in deep trouble. Considering he seems to be of the Guardian sect (IDK, I'm just basing it on his character model), it's probably just natural height and bulk. Would make some sense if you ask me.
  6. The GF4 Geneforge definitely made some insane Lifecrafters at times. Shaila and that Geneforged Servile locked up in Southforge Prison Cell are examples. The Geneforged Servile is more or less left locked up even after the rebels left, more or less to die in the cell. Shaila... welp, she escaped, and became a thorn in the rebels' sides. I do not know though why you say the Geneforge made Shaila to something great but broken; she seems like a novice Lifecrafter from a gameplay perspective. Nothing particularly special. Could you explain? And yeah, Lankan's canister, that thing is weird AF.
  7. Don't get me wrong, from a fluff and lore standpoint, it's not hard to explain away why Geneforges in GF4 and GF5 seem so weak, aside from gameplay reasons. For example, both of them are just imitations of the original; they likely do not know the original "formula" that made the Geneforge in the first game capable of giving massive amounts of power to those that use it. They're definitely much weaker, since in the original you needed special gloves to survive, whereas the ones in GF4 and GF5 you just have to touch them with your bare hands and you gain powers. I suppose though I just feel a l
  8. *shrug* Who you choose is up to you. In the case of G3, I'm just thinking of ways to make both paths give you relatively good stuff. Greta is better than Alwan by a long shot in G3. I don't care for the factions. XD Edit 1: Also I must say, I find both the GF4 and GF5 Geneforges to be... what's the proper term? Absolutely lame? Seriously they're weak. I understand them being weaker cuz they're not the real deal, but come on, they don't sound or seem *that* weak. I find myself modding those things to give you more stuff, as well as giving extra stats to certain characters based on what their
  9. Melee damage boost, giving Alwan resistances and armor right off the bat (he's not *that* underequipped...), a thorn/Javelin attack, etc. All would help make Alwan less of a trash character (like the Guardian lol) and more of a viable one. Also gives you a better reason to stay Shaper, if you swing like that.
  10. Haven't been modding for a long while, but my skills haven't gone to waste. One of the primary issues with Alwan is that his weapon upgrades don't scale very well. His first upgrade only upgrades his weapon from: ab_effect_base = 5; ab_effect_per_level = 4; ab_accuracy_adjust = 50; to: ab_effect_base = 7; ab_effect_per_level = 5; ab_accuracy_adjust = 60; His second upgrade only gives his attack the acid effect. No damage boost, no damage multiplier increase, nothing. Yeah. His attack upgrades overall is pathetic. Greta's first upgrade turns her into basically an NPC Ag
  11. Just to speak my own personal opinion, yeah, Guardians (Warriors and Shock Troopers(YMMV on this one)) aren't exactly the most "optimal" class to play with. Mostly because of the transition from G2 to G3 nerfing a number of things that made Guardians in G2 the utterly OP characters (from what I've heard, since I don't play G2). Parry and melee weapons being not so hot. Basically durability and firepower getting heavily nerfed. Shapers and Agents have other methods to fight, and in the case of the Shaper, didn't affect him that much. In the end, unless you're a pure min-maxer, Guardians are
  12. I wouldn't overthink it too much man. XD
  13. I wasn't really trying to ask anyone to make such an idea happen. It was more me just spitballing ideas out. If it's too much work/too hard/impossible/etc., well it's just an idea. XD I am quite aware of the limitations set in place in terms of modding. It was more just a random thought for an idea.
  14. That makes this even harder to pin down... you shouldn't be boosting your enemies at all. The script says nothing about boosting enemy creations, just friendly ones. Definitely a bug if that's happening... ._.
  15. That... doesn't sound right. It shouldn't be affecting enemy creations whatsoever. And 1500 HP? That sounds even less right... I don't see anything in the scripts that says that HP is boosted, or level is increased... I'm assuming you didn't mod anything, right?
  16. Kind of wish that leveling creations up didn't take up more essence. Or they took way way less. And perhaps they'd get certain upgrades if they leveled up enough times. I'd need to think about upgrades, but for example (and for the sake of extra hilarity and perhaps awesomeness), if you've been keeping that Fyora you made near the start of the game with you and you've been trying to keep him alive, he'd over time grow more and more powerful, for example his attack power goes up. Perhaps he becomes better at dodging attacks. Maybe after a few level ups he becomes fast enough to get extra action
  17. Eh, true. I will admit, if the Unbound that you Shaped/Controlled had those ridiculous abilities (Powerful AoE attacks, Shaping creations mid-battle, etc), they'd definitely start hitting the "horrendously" OP stage. XD Reminds me of the thought/idea where Geneforge made it so that your party members had access to spells and abilities like the Avernum series does. Enemy Gazers for example have the (Strong?) Daze ability; the ones under your control do not. Terror Vlish back when that was a thing has two attacks, a poison ray attack and terror attack. Controllable ones only have the poison r
  18. I mean, it would be easy to simply chalk it up to insanity due to canister abuse, Geneforge abuse, or who knows what Monarch has done. He seems mentally insane, and insane people don't exactly have the most logical of minds. XD
  19. Kind of a shame there's no junk bag in any of the Geneforge games. Would've made things so much easier. Oh well. XD Truth be told, some of the items in the game weigh way more than they should, at least IMO. I never hesitate to either 1) Make my character have more strength so they can carry more, or 2) Make the items weigh less when it makes sense. XD
  20. No, no, don't force yourself to do anything because of what I say. It's your mod, after all. Your mod, your decisions, your rules. I won't try and be a backseat driver, if the saying makes sense. You answered my questions very well. Thank you.
  21. Hello! New mods is nice! Being able to shape Podlings is certainly nice, since they're basically mass debuffing machines. Charged Vlish with Decaying Vlish is a good buff, though I myself admit I'm not a fan of charged creations. And being able to shape Unbound sounds horrendously OP, if it wasn't for the fact that you basically can't Shape them until way way endgame. XD And being able to own any creation without joining a faction would be quite nice. My only question is if it's possible to get training for Shaping Drakons, since getting the Ur-Drakon (or in your mod, an Unbound) is practic
  22. A newcomer to the forum. Yay! Welcome to the forums. Also, another happy person downloading alhoon's awesome mod. Double yay! Have fun playing it! I know I certainly did!
  23. I don't play GF2, admittedly, but I'm going to go with no, there is no GF2 mod out there that makes Gazak-Uss more plot-worthy and less of a Challenge Zone, at least to my knowledge. Though making the zone easier isn't going to be hard, considering that all you have to do is lower the level of the creations that attack you there. Or just remove some of the nastier abilities I imagine some of the monsters there have, which can also be done relatively easily. Making it more plot-worthy would probably take more time to do, all things considered.
  24. To those that have downloaded the open beta: Ya'll are in for a fun ride. Guardians and Warriors in this mod are much better than they are in the normal game, thanks to the Artifact Weapons and shields that are in this mod. And the later parts of the game where you become a rebel captain are even more fun, where you get to take troops with you on your adventures through Terrestia. Only thing I will warn you guys about is that the new zone that is in the mod might be bugged out. As stated in the above comments, the zone is completely bugging out for me and keeps giving me the error
  25. Nice! I'm looking at the weapons' stats and what you need to do to get them right now. I don't play GF4 (runs very poorly on my computer), but you've got some great stuff here! 1. Let me say that your artifact weapons have very awesome names! Death's Grip, Blade of Angels, Master's Blade, Runewarded Baton, etc. They all sound awesome! 2. You've got some great ideas for weapons that didn't quite occur to me before. Dazing thorns, terror-inflicting swords, etc. And wands with unlimited uses! That's pretty great for those classes that are poor in magic. This definitely helps classe
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