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  1. My only complaint about gear oddly isn't that there are a lot of completely worthless items, but that the things with a value sell for ridiculously less than that amount. 20% of an amount that's the low-end of what you'll see something being sold for?! Bah! Anywayz. I kinda wish we could do something with some of that random crap, like the sacks of meal... no, no I don't
  2. I needed a dll file to get this to run in 7(haven't tried it on my XP machine yet). http://support.microsoft.com/kb/180071 Good thing it was available at microsoft's website. Now to check this out.
  3. Aw... I was curious as to what it'd be like, but alas, the weird linking issues stuff. Oh well.
  4. Don't feel bad about it. I've never made anything worth playing. Something about being too bloody lazy to finish anything(or learn how to use advanced scenario editor features either). Now I mostly get my RPG fix from the Pathfinder RPG mixed with some other d20 material, including homebrew material, though I sometimes dust off a Geneforge or one of the Exiles while I wait for the tabletop to start. If some of the modifications to BoE that I've read about here were made, people might have a reason to actually try to make BoE scenarios again. I would like that, cause I, & a few others, like the overall feel of Exile over Avernum.
  5. Avernum has more skillsets, but Exile has the potential for your party members to be near-immortal, thus, Nethergate wins because no one expected it to join the fight. Moving on.
  6. Which is really pathetic. It'd be nice if the "compatibility mode" actually did something....
  7. I can't get it to work in compatibility mode or anything on 7 64-bit. The community modified version works fine in 7, though. Of course it works great on PPC Mac through classic mode on OSX 10.4. BoE & the trilogy work fine using Wine on Linux. I haven't tried BoE or the trilogy on an Intel Mac, because seriously, if I want a PC that doesn't do much in the way of useful things, I'll just build one & put Linux on it. Besides, without Classic support(which was abandoned as I recall), it wouldn't work anyway(though I hear there's a program to bring it back, but eh).
  8. I foresee the new & improved scenario editor to be no more than a series of simple improvements that combined make it a much better tool... Oh sorry, I was using my power of stating the obvious.
  9. There were good features for the BoA Editor?! But seriously, sounds like it's got some potential. Just remember to keep the simplicity of the interface. That's a must. It would be neat if you could build a layer system into the game though. A slight tweak to the system could theoretically allow one to incorporate a "can't pass from a certain direction" option. That could allow one to better simulate 2 or more layers of depth to the world, especially if you added a pseudo falling-damage mechanic to it(a damage mechanic that only applies when going a certain direction, ie, down).
  10. Who's computer would blow up? I played this series on a Peforma 550 with all of 16MB of ram & a whopping 160MB hard drive & I've never known how fast the processor was... *looks up* holy crap! 33MHZ! High rollin, yo! God bless Jeff Vogel for making some of the best games I could run on that machine(& for doing the Exile Trilogy CD so I could actually afford them as a kid). And that would be awesome building an entire planet, but it would probly take more system resources to make the scenario than run it, since the game only has so much it ever feels the need to load at any point in time & it's a pretty small fraction of the entirety of the scenario. The file size should be massive though. Several megs, maybe even 10s of megs if you really have nothing better to do with your life. I really wanna see someone do that with the limits gone & hear how it went.
  11. Respect & fear the mighty door ninja! My gaming group & I encountered 1 in D&D, it was devastating... Some didn't make it out alive... Those who did were changed forever...
  12. That does present a problem & I've been there myself. If only they creature could've killed you in 5 minutes or less... Seriously, I mean no offense, but playing a single guy, which epic, is supposed to have drawbacks... If everyone gets webbed, you're kinda screwed. I honestly see no reason to change that. That said, it would be nice if it would at least have break where you could open menus & you're in a can't be free loop so you can try again. Or just exit the combat. Being paralyzed has the same issue only your AP doesn't go down it just instantly stops you from being able to do anything.
  13. It wasn't an option. I could never set it below 1 or 2(I forget which). There was a specific setting to make the creature not move, but it had to be done for each individual creature. For breakable terrain, it's way too tedious & wit would better to be able set the speed to 0 and/or add an immobile option to the Monster template itself... That 2nd opens up some brutal options, like Door Ninjas... It can't leave the space, but it can beat you down just the same.
  14. Limits will be removed and thus the world would be a better place...
  15. Also, the requiring each edition setup sounds interesting. I may have to locate my copy of BoA...
  16. In a war between Exile & Avernum, Geneforge would win because it cheats better. Debate over. Moving on. I honestly don't like the Isometric look, but I bought A1-BoA & still enjoyed them because of the differences, namely certain advances in the interface & the new ways to interact with the world. Both BoA & BoE are good games & worth playing.
  17. Originally Posted By: Cryolemon I like the idea of being able to change the look/name/job texts based on an SDF. How easy it is likely to be to implement is a different matter though. I 2nd that sentiment. On of the problems I had with BoA was that the interface wasn't as user-friendly & the difficulty curve was much higher. The whole point of BoE was so that anyone could make a mechanically simple scenario for others to go through, or a mechanically complex one. BoE did this much better than BoA, in my opinion. Though, I will admit, BoE does need some work & I look forward to seeing what the community comes up with.
  18. I could definitely see the "Legacy Option" being a good compromise, but I don't know how easy it'd be to implement. And for though keeping score, the old games won't work at all with 64-Bit. God forbid the "Compatibility Mode" actually do something... For those with Linux, the Exile Trilogy installed & works just fine on newly my acquired 400mhz Linux laptop & the most recent iteration of BoE I have works well too(Thank you Wine). Anywayz, a significant increase to the monster limit does allow for the option of destroyable terrain, which is awesome & I would so use it. 1 recommendation for that, though. I would recommend amended the game to where you can set the Monster's speed to 0, so you wouldn't have to set each placed terrain monster to 'immobile'. This change would make the idea doable on the sort of scale anyone who would use such a feature would be doing. Also, it would probly be easier to just recompile the original BoE & use it cover legacy scenarios, but the "Legacy Option" would be more awesome. Either option will allow people to make the required changes to the game to improve on it.
  19. The problem with the "just use an immobile monster" remedy is that the limited amount of monsters that can be placed in a town makes it impossible to replace very much terrain & still have creatures in the area. If I'm not mistaken, the limit was 50 last time I checked. Hardly enough to really get the job done.
  20. Just noticed this thread. I could take a stab at it since I'm unemployed & haven't had much of a reason to break out BOE in years.
  21. Considering I dropped C++ after a few weeks & still am not sure how managed to pass Java without having any clue as to what on earth I was doing, I think it's safe to say I can't program jack(microprocessors excluded). I just thought it'd be a neat idea to add to the interactivity of the game world.
  22. I know move mountains exists, but it's instant & only good for casters. I'm talking about anyone being able to target & damage walls. Of course, it shouldn't be easy to destroy walls(& should be an optional feature, so some games aren't shut down by the party simply tunneling around the trouble).
  23. The problem with that is you can't do it on a large scale. Last time I checked, you could only have so many monsters on the map. It'd work for a few specific applications, but not for the scale I'm talking about(most walls/mountains).
  24. To actually answer the question... Yes, it is possible to make the change. In fact, I always wanted at least a 3rd damage option with archery, because meh & awesome just isn't varied enough. Being able to just set the range like you can with melee damage is the perfect adjustment. Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly how much would have to be changed to make it work, though, but I don't think it'd really be that much.
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